Dieting is not a cookie-cutter type activity

Julie G.

01/09/2015 8:37AM
Women should NEVER eat below 1200 calories a day. Your body is probably going into starvation mode. It takes the average woman 1400 calories just to maintain basic body functions (e.g., pump heart, breath), and if we do not obtain enough calories to maintain those functions, our bodies will begin to store everything we eat as fat.
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GeminiWitch83 Amanda

Oh and I forgot i often put 3 berries in my water so I get a treat at the bottom and am eating berries and drinking water all evening long, so I'm not hungry at all.

Julie G.

I agree that not everyone is the same, but medical experts state that women should never eat less than 1200 calories. I was trying to help you figure out why you haven't been losing weight. But it's your body and you can do what you want!

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