This might not make sense to everyone, nor will everyone agree. But this year my life needs to be easier, not harder. That’s my biggest resolution. EASIER, NOT HARDER. Which might be confusing, being most people find eating right and exercising hard, not easy.


But 2014 was HARD for me. Like really hard. And I can’t handle things being any harder. So 2015 will be easier. That’s the only litmus test. So here’s how it works.


Not eating all morning because my to-do list is 15 deep, and I’m starving and cranky is hard. Broiling a English muffin, with a piece of pre-cooked meat on it is easy. So that wins. Cooking a new and interesting breakfast every morning is not only hard that morning, but I would also have to do hard shopping for it. So “easy” is eating the exact same thing every morning. And the exact same lunch (can of beans with salsa and blue cheese), and the exact same dinner (reheat the lean meat I cooked in bulk a few nights ago with a tray of veg). Why? Because it’s easy. Interesting? NO. Amazing? NO. Remember easy is the only litmus test. And it is easy.

Some years life is hard. And you just can’t add another hard thing to it. So 2015 I will not only find a bit a space for myself to feed myself and move more, but it will be easier. Because that’s the only way it will work.