Working out with old people is really my style. I think it’s because we have very similar motivation for being there. It seems that me and the 65-80 year old crowd like working out at the same time 10:30-11:30, because they are my only company in the weight room. Me and 8 white haired, slacks wearing, folks. Here’s what me and my peeps have in common…

  1.  1. Sport’s Illustrated Swim suite isn’t calling, but we want to fit into our clothes and be comfortable in our skin.
  • I once knew a very stylish 60-something lady who said that she couldn’t afford to gain weight because then none of her designer clothes would fit. Not that I wear anything considered stylish, but I just want to be comfortable about the way my body looks. Look, I’ve been married for 12+ years, I have 4 kids, I’m not looking to be “hot”. If I happen to see myself naked in the mirror, all I’m hoping for is, “Hum, that’s not so bad.” Or if I try on some new clothes in a dressing room, “wow, this looks ok on me.” Where now I almost want to cry.
  • 2. We want to be strong: not to impress people, but so we can fully live our lives.
  • I know some people want others to be impressed by their huge biceps, or 6 pack abs. Me and the 60+ crowd, well we want to be able to pick things up. And climb up things, like stairs. Or carry things like groceries (or toddlers). We don’t want our lives to be limited because we are too weak. This weekend I went hiking in the snow with all 4 kids, which meant carrying a 35lb child through uneven snow for 2 miles. That’s why I lift.
  • 3. We don’t want to get hurt, because we can’t afford to.
  • 1st we don’t want to get hurt while exercising, so we aren’t going to do crazy things or push too hard so that we have bad form. The reason we are here is to prevent injury, not cause it.
  • 2nd For the 65 or 70+ crowd, a bad injury is a game changer. They have seen friends go way downhill from one bad fall. For me, my life really requires my body to work. I need to be able to walk, carry, lift ect, and that need can’t take a break for an injury. So I’m in the weight room, building strength so that daily life doesn’t hurt me. I do a lower back exercise, because with 2 2 years olds, I probably bend over and pick up those 35lb kids about 25-70 times a day. While a strong lower back might not be magazine sexy, it keeps me injury free.

At different points in life we all have different motivations, and reasons for taking care of ourselves. By honing in on our “why”, we can find the motivation for making change happen.