My body doesn’t reflect the fit girl inside. But slowly day by day I am breaking her out. It’s like a Shaw shank redemption prison break. Nothing looks any different, but one day you’re running through the mud and free! Each day I make choices that reflect my true hidden fit girl. I eat like my fit girl. I dress like my fit girl. Oh, I know my chubby thighs don’t look great in yoga pants. Yes I know. When people see me in public in my fit girl clothes, I want to apologize and quickly explain that while I currently don’t look like I should wear yoga pants in public, in fact there is a fit girl inside me that looks awesome in yoga pants, and she will show up eventually. I try to work out like I think my inner fit girl would. I know she would bicep curl 20lbs in each arm, and well, I can’t right now. But soon she will have her prison break moment. Then it will make sense to onlookers because they won’t see a soft pudgy girl in yoga pants ordering a salad. They will see the true me. And all my choices will be evident in a lean, healthy body.