I am counting yesterday as day 1, because why not get a head start?


Yesterday I was really concerned that 1200 calories was not going to last me the day, but after my lunch of tuna mayo on a jacket potato I felt full all afternoon. I actually had to have a small glass of orange juice to get me over the 1200 (otherwise myfitnesspal tells you off). Saved about 100 calories for thew weekend, which I gained my walking for an hour.


The challenge of yesterday was a typical one for me. I am a Brownie leader, and we often do activities with the girls using food. This inevitably involves me grazing on sweets, biscuits, whatever they've got. Well yesterday the activity was "make a healthy packed lunch", so there were lots of interesting treats I could have eaten, including lots of fruit, raisins and cheese (CHEESE!). But I resisted. I didn't have anything. Well I lie, I had the remains of the ham, but as I said, I was under my calorie goal and I thought protein and I recorded what I had eaten. So no problem.


Also, don't tell anyone, but I am already 4lbs down. I think this is because I drank loads yesterday, and after a couple of carb heavy weeks, I must have passed quite a lot of water weight. I'm sure it'll all come undone at the weekend though, it usually does. 


Today's challenge involves going out to eat at lunchtime. I've looked at the menu and made a decision but watch this space to see if I don't just order the heavenly sounding bacon cheeseburger. Wish me luck!