I really need to fit into my old clothes- I can't afford to buy new ones! This short challenge should take me there, then onto more weight loss, more slowly

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Favorite Health Food: Tuna. Or cucumber

Favorite Sinful Food: Crisps :'(

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, walking, cycling

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calorie tracking

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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Crazy weekend
by - 02/09/2015 11:56PM

Well the weekend happened to me. I am only just recovered (just). Went to karaoke on Saturday night ... Read More ›


Good luck,. I think it is great you have looked ahead to the craziness and are making a plan to deal with it. Positive thinking going your way, you will be successful:)
Day 11: Mindless eating
by - 02/05/2015 1:13PM

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. I have been more lax this week with my diet, using myf... Read More ›


I've been ravenously hungry yesterday and today. It's been a huge struggle to resist scarfing down anything and everything. My eating has been much worse yesterday and today. I ovulated 2 days ago according to my little tracker thingy on my phone. I didn't think that there was any kind of food thing with that, thought that was just with PMS (I'm so bad then! huge cravings!)... but your post made me wonder if there was something to ovulation, too... lo and behold, did a bit of research and apparently it is absolutely true - your body wants you to consume more post-ovulation! Never knew that! I'm going to chalk my hunger up to that (whether it is true or not!) and maybe (who knows) it will be easier to fight the beast that has a name? Don't beat yourself up over it... Like you said, "life goes on."


On the bright side, a binge on crunchy nut is better than a binge on bacon, however I hope you figure out what caused this lapse so you can keep it from happening again.
Day 10: Takeaway thoughts
by - 02/04/2015 12:25AM

Bit of a funny day yesterday. One of those days where you just get so fed up by about 3:30, but you ... Read More ›

Day 9: the weekend
by - 02/03/2015 12:11AM

Hey all, long time no speak. I don't know about you but I had a great weekend. On Saturday I went on... Read More ›

Reflections on day 5: Energy
by - 01/30/2015 1:40PM

I was supposed to run this morning, but I looked out the window to see snow on the ground, which I t... Read More ›

Reflections on day 4: being hungry
by - 01/29/2015 2:21PM

1200 calories is hard. It's going to be too hard to maintain it over a long period. I have done it f... Read More ›

Shannon C. likes this blog post.

Shannon C.

I feel ya, I can't ever seem to get enough to eat after about 3 pm until about 11 pm. So here lately I've been buying the little bags of shredded lettuce from the grocery store like you would use in Taco's or something. It gives me something crunchy to munch on, that is only 10 calories for every cup and a half, I like to add some salt & pepper and pretend kind of like they are chips , so I can keep my mouth busy, I think I just feel bored or something, and I can get away with just chewing some gum, if I want something sweet. Sometimes it helps, but not always. Hope it gets easier soon.
by - 01/28/2015 12:31PM

In previous posts I have mentioned I am training for two 10km runs, the first one being in May. I co... Read More ›

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Alana y.

Great post!! I too am beginning "running" again.....I use quotations around running because my running is a walk/run/shuffle/etc and have signed up for a 10k at the beginning of March. My hope is to run then entire thing except for the last km as it is a monster crazy hill. I am also doing some virtual 5k throughout the year. Good luck on your running!


Is there something you could drink that gives a boost of energy before running? I'm curious for myself as well.
Reflections on day 2: Eating out
by - 01/27/2015 1:44PM

Today didn't start ideally as I got up early to run before my 9am lecture but it was too dark to go ... Read More ›

Reflections on day 1: Brownies
by - 01/26/2015 11:58PM

I am counting yesterday as day 1, because why not get a head start?   Yesterday I was really concern... Read More ›

Shannon C.

Way to go Katie - you are in it to win it! Good luck with your challenges, I feel you about the brownies, I received my 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this weekend from my favorite Brownie in our neighborhood (have 3 former cookie sellers myself!) and those 10 boxes are still in the pantry, unopened!! Hard to believe, but its true - finding DietBet has helped me find a reason to stick to this years New Years Resolutions, Best of Luck to you, but I feel like you don't need the Luck, you seem to have the right attitude and commitment to be successful with this! Keep it up!
Ready to Learn
by - 01/26/2015 5:08AM

This is my first DietBet challenge. I decided to gamble to lose weight because I lack the commitment... Read More ›


You can do this! It looks like, from what you posted, that you are active and young, so it's really a matter of changing your eating choices! YOU CAN DO IT! I hope to post each day, a recipe or meal that I thought was tasty. So keep checking there - but to tell the truth, I get my inspiration from PINTEREST... so... I love their search feature! ;-)Good luck! and thanks for posting about Healthywage. They have a company plan and I am going to show it to my husband. His company is into health and fitness... sorta... they gave everyone fitbits. ;-) Good Luck and Keep Posting!