Today was a good day!!! So I was reading through the activity and I noticed that a lot of people were simply including more walking in order to live a more active lifestyle and I was like hey?! Why not me?! Don't get me wrong I love, love, love jogging and the way that I feel after but it's not good for my knees to be running more than three times a week. With me hurting my knee on Monday too it was the perfect solution. So I downloaded Pacer and I love it!!! It even has programs that i can follow!  Specifically for weightloss! So now in addition to my workouts I will be getting my steps in! 

Food wise I treated myself today and had a wrap (healthy, veggie filled Mexican wrap!!)  from Starbucks along with a tall soy chai tea latte, black coffee, and chocolate cake yummmm. It was all within my calorie range too! That made me super happy. It taught me that I am not giving up anything really. I'm just making smarter choices. 

I ate all of this around 5:30. And to be honest because I savored everything completely (I don't really take my time when I'm eating cake or anything lol) I was satisfied the whole night! So much so that I couldn't eat dinner.

yay for small victories!!

Day 3


  • Breakfast: clean egg muffins
  • lunch: oden (boiled fish cake, quail eggs, daikon, chicken, potato)
  • dinner: Mexican wrap
  • snacks: pineapple, tall soy chai latte, black coffee, chocolate cake

Sleep: 7.5 hours

Water: 2 liters

Excercise: about 14400 steps (boo yah!)