The last Diet Bets I was in were just over a month ago. I've been really, really busy at work, which is good because I need the money. My daughter turns 16 over the summer and I'm trying to save up enough to buy her a decent car. I had only been working around 10 hours a week so had lots of time to spend in the gym, working out, eating healthy, joining and hosting Diet Bets and reading tons of health and weight loss articles. In the past 30 days, I literally went from teaching 2 students to 12!!! I work with kids in their homes as a homeschool/hospital teacher and also recently joined up with a private tutoring service. This means planning individual curriculum for 12 students in different school districts/grades, ability levels, etc. I have temporarily STOPPED going to the gym and had to cancel all my personal training sessions because I simply don't have time for it.

I HATE HATE HATE that I am an all or nothing person. I am either ALL IN...or ALL OUT!!! Since I haven't been in a Diet Bet the past month, I have reverted to drinking tons of Diet Soda and find myself going through the drive through very frequently. For the past two years, I have avoided fast foods except in emergencies and faithfully drank over a gallon of water a day. It was exciting going from a size 18/20 to a 4/6. I looked and felt great.

However, I am plain SCARED to get on the scale tomorrow morning and see what 30 days off has brought me. Is it possible to gain 25 lbs in a month???? You would think not...however, I can see it in my face, my booty and my now thundering thighs. I worked sooooo hard getting fit the past two years and have been really dedicated. I need to find a comfortable balance in my life, however, I am definitely NOT there yet.

I have just joined three new Diet Bets and am hosting a new Holy Fit!!! Bat VS Fat game which begins on Tuesday, March. 3. Usually I am very good about promoting it on my Diet Better Facebook group as well as other FB groups that I belong to. However, I haven't had one milisecond of time to do so and now it's Sunday night and I've got less than two days to get the word out. I love, love LOVE being a Diet Bet host and have been extremely active with Diet Bet.

So looking forward to warmer weather and springing into action!

Anyone who is looking for some inspiration and daily motivation and tips is welcome to join me in my new Diet Bet game which starts March, 3, HOLY FIT!!! Bat VS Fat - Thinners R Winners - 2


Let's make it a great March! Good luck to everyone!