When I signed up for my dietbets, I staggered them to keep myself on track.  It actually terrified me to think that I would have weigh-ins and a weigh-out during my vacation in a village known for Danish cooking and ... omg... pastries!  

I spent sleepless nights trying to calculate in my head what I could get away with here... which turned into nightmares.  lol  

I decided I would not set foot into any establishment serving food.  Not even a coffee shop.  (Coffee shops have the dreaded display cases of baked goods trying to jump out and grab me!)

I've been here since Friday night and have had the best weigh-ins since I started dietbetting the middle of February.  The feeling of pride and accomplishment and victory over my eating disorders has me feeling better than any sugar high right now.

How did I salvage this vacation without feeling deprived and depressed?

I went to a local market and got special foods that were in my calorie budget.  Smoked salmon, black bean hummus, chicken to BBQ on the balcony, blueberries and other foods that I normally don't splurge on like roasted pistachio oil for grilling asparagus.  Tomorrow is Farmer's Market and I'm looking forward to a wide selection of veggies to finish up my 10 days here in Solvang, CA.

Every day I do a workout in the complex's gym and sit in the jacuzzi after.  I go for a long walk around the village and visit someplace fun (yesterday was ostrichland usa, today a hike to Nojoqui Falls).  The afternoon is spent in the pool and jacuzzi.

At the end of the day I'm tired, which gives me a good night's sleep, which seems to be helping with weight loss, as well as the lack of stress.

So... what I thought was going to be a miserable sort of non-binging vacation has turned out to be an uplifting break in my usual hectic schedule.  This is the lifestyle I have been missing all my life and I have DietBet to thank for showing me the way.

Thanks to all who have motivated, encouraged and posted healthy recipes.  By doing so, you're helping yourselves and others.  Keep up the awesomeness you started these bets with!