Marsha B.

I am doing this so that my body doesn't hurt so much all the time. The weight is crushing me and I feel it in every joint. Need to like myself again, and completing this challenge and succeeding will give me the confidence to continue.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: green bean and zucchini

Favorite Sinful Food: while chocolate macadamia nut cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: One meal at a time.

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $81.54

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Putting fear aside.
by - 04/11/2015 8:02PM

Today I did my first 5k, I walked the whole thing, but I gained a new perspective on a lot of things... Read More ›

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Angel Rose

AwesomeI am proud of you.I've been wanting to do a 5k, but don't have anyone to go with. So I feel funny going alone. You surely have given me encouragement. Have a wonderful week

Marsha B.

Angel just do it. I felt the same way. You can do this
The big picture, or how to stay true
by - 03/23/2015 7:35PM

We all go through it, the lack of motivation.  I really thought on this all day.  Why do we lose the... Read More ›

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You put into words the essence of what I'm trying to do, too. It has to be a lifestyle change, or we're going to be right back here time after time. When I started DB, I was afraid I'd taken on more than I would be able to do, but now I'm loving it and it's changed my life. And I see it changing others. It's very rewarding to see so many people working toward their goal and not filling the diet industry coffers! Great blog, Marsha!


Marsha, I totally agree with your approach. I've made eating properly my 'new normal'. I have found healthy foods that I really like so that it doesn't feel like I'm depriving myself.
Unplanned day off
by - 03/15/2015 8:43PM

So I woke up this morning planning on doing a lot today.  But then the weather was not cooperating w... Read More ›

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Carolyn Mabe

Your body needs to rest sometimes and you probably should take a day off here & there . You go GIRLIE !!!
My little confussion
by - 03/08/2015 9:43AM

I know it isn't a big deal to gain a 1/2 a pound this week.  There are many reasons why this happens... Read More ›

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It's good to get this off your chest and learn from it. Here's a quote for you: Failure isn't the opposite of success. It's PART of success! We're going to get there, but we'll have setbacks along the way. It's okay as long as we do as you say ... keep moving forward.

Kimberly G.

Marsha thank you so so so much. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I believe that I am doing a bit of that myself.
Retiring Clothes
by - 03/07/2015 7:44PM

So today was a big milestone for me.  I took my size 26 jeans out of the closet  They are no longer ... Read More ›

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Stunning Beauty

YAAY! What better reward than to get rid of baggy old clothes that used to be clingy and uncomfortable. :) Keep up the good work!

Carolyn Mabe

That's AWESOME MARCIA !! SO PROUD OF YOU !!! I just verified my 2nd dietbet & won ! It was sooo close & didn't think I would make it ; but the last week I really bucked down on my eating. Upped my water intake by 1. Little or no sodium, & watched carbs. I done low carbs past 4 days and that was ruff . But with diabetes I'm sure that helped . I think I'm doing Kenny O'Neal starting 3/16 next. Please send a message on FB if you're able to join. Love ya girl & keep on keeping on the awesome work !!
How far I have come
by - 03/04/2015 8:56PM

After tonights work out I realize how far I have come in just two months.  I started my 1st diet bet... Read More ›

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Carolyn Mabe

Congratulations on weight loss that is awesome & you're exactly right about exercising !! YOU'VE GOT THIS !!!

Kimberly D.

That is awesome! I've enjoyed following your blog and look forward to seeing you hit 150 pounds one day!
Not alone
by - 03/03/2015 10:27PM

At times I feel so alone in this journey.  But then I come on here read everyones posts and try to g... Read More ›

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Sally B


Carolyn Mabe

Your doing awesome and proud of you I related to everything you said and I'm learning to self love and have started eye contacting people & speaking to them instead of feeling ashamed & always looking down. Keep up the great work your doing & stay in touch with me on FB . Our dietbet ends on Monday & have until Tuesday to weigh in . I have 1.7 lbs. to go ; so it's going to be close. Even if I don't win the $ . The weight loss , motivation on here , & losing inches is a WIN , WIN FOR ME !!! Take care Marsha , Carolyn.
The Euphoria of Losing weight.
by - 02/19/2015 9:28PM

I have been struggling for a couple of weeks, with eating.  Some old habits have been creeping in, I... Read More ›

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Kimberly G.

This is so true and totally had to be said. Thank you for this.


Thank you for your post today! It is GREAT! I was sitting on the bed this morning, thinking, "will I lose any weight ever again? Did I lose all I am to lose? Am I doomed to remain 60 pounds over weight?" and then I stepped on the scales downstairs... I LOST AGAIN!!! I am so filled with euphoria! I am walking on a cloud and I know I can make another DAY - WEEK! - on this diet!!
Back on track
by - 02/18/2015 8:49PM

I haven't written in here in almost a week.  Nothing but pure exhaustion and trying to get my work o... Read More ›

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Keep putting one foot in front of the other... you're doing well, just keep working at it! So happy for you about the fit bit and the six month game. You've been weathering some changes lately and you're doing well to quickly adjust and refocus. Way to go!


Night time eating has been the worst thing for me too -- now I just make sure I have something healthy around. Hard boiled egg with mustard or a little salt seems to do the trick for me and let's me get back to bed. I also might do tea with warm milk (yes, I am a grandma, lol) which helps too. And, getting all of your bad night time foods out of the house.
Every thinking minute.
by - 02/11/2015 8:55PM

I have discovered that I have to keep my mind in check.  While I am busy at work, I don't think to m... Read More ›

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Stunning Beauty

I know what has helped me. Focus on other stuff that you like to do. You can get back into an old hobby or find a new one. Being preoccupied with things that I like to do, or want to get good at, has kept me from obsessing about my weight and fitness. Talk radio, NPR, and podcasts are great distractions for the car.

Alana y.

I wonder too, when it will become automatic. Just sticking with it is the biggest thing I think. The more consistent we are the faster that automatic feeling will come. Just this week I started hitting the gym at 5:30am--big struggle since I'm not one to sleep until my alarm....getting up at 4:30am when my alarm is set for 5:15 does not bode well for the rest of my day. But this process (and sleeping until my alarm clock goes off) will become easier the longer I do it!
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