I am so excited to soon be a part of the DietBet Hall of Fame! I've really grown to love this community and the DietBet team. They appear to choose people who are on all ends of the spectrum and celebrate the success instead of the size. I've already wrote a couple blog posts about my journey, but I am excited to have lost almost 60 pounds since July. DietBet has helped play a large part in this success. 

I was particularly happy after taking both of these photos. The photo on the left is not my complete "before" photo, but it is the photo I took on the final weigh in of my first DietBet kickstarter. I weighed 191. I had lost 9 pounds, and was really happy with the results. The photo on the right was taken yesterday. I had just finished running a 5K at the gym, and it was the first time I had ever run an entire 5K without walking in the middle (I did complete a 5 minute walking warmup prior). I had a time of 42:40, which isn't a great time, but it is my best time indoors or outdoors. I ran for 37 minutes total, beating my previous record of 20 minutes by a landslide.

I am not a seasoned runner, but it is definitely something I am hoping to get better at. I just recovered from a running injury, and am happy to see that the rest has done good for me. Not to mention, the less I weigh, the better my knees feel. It's much easier to run at 153 than 210, which is where I started before discovering DietBet.

I put on my suit jacket and pants last night that I wear (wore, I guess!) for concerts (I play trumpet) and other business occasions. My jacket was an 18, and my pants were size 16. I really need to take a picture wearing those because the difference is incredible.