We are DietBetters...

One of the toughest gangs to bust fat since Eve asked Adam if that fig leaf made
her butt look big.

Some gangs would be envious of us.  Our little family business is responsible for over
10 Million dollars risked in gaming and our tough guys busted the heads of at least
2.6 Million pounds of fat who was given an offer they tried to refuse.

So what do other less successful gangs have that we don't?
Simply put, hand signs gang members can flash in their selfies.

In my humble opinion this little deficit has gone on for way too long
and therefore I propose the following hand signal as depicted in the photo.

Right hand:
Turn so the palm faces the camera, point your index finger up,
curl your other three fingers in
and put your thumb by the finger nail on the middle finger.

Left hand:
Turn the palm faces the camera, point all four fingers up,
curl your thumb in across your plam.

This is the American Sign Language fingerspelling of "DB".

As Dietbetters we are proud of our selfies, often publicly posting them as victory trophies.
So why not toss up the DB gang sign on your next weigh in selfie?