Since making this decision to lose weight over the summer, I've seen all kinds of obstacles, stumbling blocks, and challenges arise. Some I've sailed over, and some have diverted me... albeit temporarily. But most of all, I've seen my dedication to this process solidify and I think that's what matters.
There have been a few missteps for sure, but my heart is still in this and my mind is determined to see success this summer. I'm like - let me at it - let me go go go!! lol
I'm so intent on losing weight, but more, I think I'm the most excited to put into play all the things I already know about being healthy and living an amazing life.
I love food, I live at Disney World, there is SOOOO much amazing food here, but I'm ready to blend that into a home life that's super healthy, nourishing, and full of nutrients to support my body.
I think somewhere along the way I've learned to view my body as something almost separate from me, something to care for the way I do my kids and my pets. It's a mindset shift. Subtle, but powerful.
Last night I ordered groceries, and spent probably way too much. I indulged in organic everything and I got the foods I needed. I put it on a credit card which is not something I would ordinarily do, but I'm going to stop using my budget as an excuse for my weight. I believe God provides when you tell him in action what you need. I'm going to step up and show the universe that I deserve healthy, nutritious food. And I'm going to believe I deserve it and that the money will come back to me.
Weight loss is really all about self worth. What do we believe we're worth? What do we believe we deserve? I'm upping my game because on the other side of this weight loss is the last of everything I've ever dreamed of and I deserve it and I'm going to get it.
As we kick off the summer, I hold all of you in my prayers and thoughts. May we each find a healthier us at the end, one that weighs less too! ;-)