Starting a "diet" is a little like jumping in the deep end of a pool. I always spend the first little bit with my head underwater as I try to navigate the switch, the new foods, the new routine, the new brainspace.

The good news is, I feel like I'm finding level ground and can actually start making headway.

I have 89 days left and honestly don't plan to seriously dig in until Monday. in large part because I'm spending all day tommorrow at Magic Kingdom and I'm not in the place yet to seamless do food there... and that's okay! It's all a process and it's most important to be honest with yorself and be kind to yourself.

For me, because of how my brain is wired, I'm a binge person. That's not a bad thing. I'm ADD which most people thinks means you can't keep focus. I've always found it to mean that hyper focus is my super power. But that means I have to lay other things aside. Hyper focus is just that, super focus on ONE thing. That's the challenge because life doesn't naturally support us working on just one thing.

I've taken on that challenge though because when it comes to weight loss, we all know "how" to do it, but we rarely take the time to know how WE do it. Weight loss and healthy living truly isn't one size fits all. In all of life I think the most important thing is to know yourself, and accept yourself. Whatever the world sees as a flaw, boldly embrace it and make it work for you.

For me, with weight loss, this means I've dedicated Monday through Friday of this coming week to food and fitness. I had to work extra to tame my schedule to support this, but it will, and for the coming week I'm off on this weight loss challenge like a house on fire, building the momentum I need and shifting my focus to what's important to me right now.

I've given myself grace these past couple weeks, to sort of get a feel for what I want to accomplish and what changes I need to make... now let me go and do it!

I know that I have everything I need for this. The only thing to overcome, is me. Is my idea that I can't put this as my priority. My old belief that I had to live my life in this state of constant balance that I could never find anyway. I'm free to do this weight loss challenge my way. And if I'm wrong and it doesn't work, that's okay too. I'll be father ahead than I was and I'll have learned.

We are too hard on ourselves in this life and we spend too much time trying to accommodate everyone else, even in how we lose weight. I would encourage anyone who's reading this, to find YOUR way and let the critics go. It doesn't matter the path you take, walk it with integrity, faith, and joy and the destination will await you with abundant sweetness.

Blessings to everyone today. You rock and can totally do this!