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02/19/2019 1:17PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix - via android
So guys, I am about to face my biggest test-to-date since my new way of eating (WOE). My company is having a conference and sales rally for 5 days beginning tomorrow and through the weekend. Of course breakfast is easy. You can't go wrong with eggs and bacon.. Dinner is easy. A nice steak with some cabbage or spinach. Even lunch I can make a nice salad. But those breaks and all those desserts are gonna drive me crazy. I have already decided to bring me some avocados and cheese. You know those things keto guys eat to saturate themselves in order to make it though the tough days. Anyway, I am really anxious about this trip. I already met my goal for this month but that may not be the case if I buckle under the "Donuts." Keep me in your thoughts please.

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Sandi B.

I keep a cup of something in my hand and sip sip sip. Water, ideally. Coffee works, too. That way the hand-to-mouth motion is satisfied. You could also try chewing a piece of mint gum. Makes it hard to pop a donut in your mouth :)


You’ve got this :muscle:


02/18/2019 9:18AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix - via iPhone
  • Take me back to this girl! Happy, confident...at around 13 stone

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02/18/2019 9:16AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix - via iPhone
How often do you all weigh? I used to weigh every day but found it very demotivating! What do you all think

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I weigh in weekly. I feel defeated weighing in daily

Jose L.

I also try to weigh in everyday it helps me gauge how I did on the previous day. I understand why some prefer to weigh in weekly especially women whose weight can fluctuate during their cycle. I say try both ways and see which one works best for you.


02/16/2019 1:12AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix - via iPhone
Been stuck for a little while on the same number but this morning I’ve dropped just over a pound! Slow and steady but over the moon :)

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Every pound counts! Congrats! Stay the course!

Stacy Ann M.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!


02/13/2019 12:25PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
I had a very successful day today. My family had KFC and I did not break my way of eating (WOE) I did not even flinch! And I love KFC but I want to live longer and healthier more! So as I prepare for bed I am grateful for this group (All of you wonderful people) for listening, responding and encouraging me to get fit again. Good night to you all and lets crush another day tomorrow. #Onedayatatime

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I actually had 3 diet bets on the go and decided to cancel two as it all seemed a bit much. Because of the support on this group and your updates....I decided to keep this one! Thank you for motivating others!


@Becky, thanks for that! Let's keep holding each other up! We will make this DB a success!


02/13/2019 7:11AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
Everyone is already doing so well - just by signing up! I'm going on a big holiday in September so would like to make a good dent by then! Goodluck everyone xx

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I feel ya Becky! Big plans here too! All the best on your journey!


You too Ky!


02/11/2019 6:55AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
Question - if for whatever reason I loose one of the rounds....does the game continue to charge me until the end of the game or will my payments stop if I get knocked out? (Not that I plan on getting knocked out!) Thanks! xx

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You don’t get knocked out if you don’t make goal for the month. You just won’t receive a reward for that month. You are committed to the next six months, so you have time to get to Goals.


That’s really good to hear! Thank you x


02/09/2019 7:35AM in VALENTINE'S FAT FIGHTER!! - via android
Does anyone have any good tips to lose the weight? I am doing this mainly for me! Someone please share.

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Planning ahead is key for me. I don't really follow a diet plan, I just try to eat "real" food - lean meat, veggies, fruit, lowfat dairy, whole grains - and avoid sugary, salty, fatty, processed foods. But if I don't plan ahead for every meal I am more likely to just grab whatever is convenient, which is usually not something good!


Thank you guys soooooo much!


02/09/2019 3:09AM in VALENTINE'S FAT FIGHTER!! - via iPhone
9ibs to loose, we got this!!

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Yes I would love to lose 10 with this challenge!!!


I have 9 to lose, too. Good luck!


02/07/2019 11:50PM in VALENTINE'S FAT FIGHTER!! - via iPhone
Not long to go 💪

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