Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: bacon

Favorite Sinful Food: ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: lifting the remote

My Approach to Weight Loss: tangential

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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09/01/2020 11:23AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
Yay, I made this month's goal!! Last month I came really close and then blew it so it's great to be on track again. Good luck to the rest of you in your weight loss journey!

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Gillette H.

Way to go! That’s life - sometimes we lose and sometimes we gain (or don’t lose enough). Refocusing is what makes you successful in the long run, and it sounds like you’re doing just that. Way to go!


Well done.

Betsy D.

09/01/2020 11:05AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
  • Transformation Tuesday: I am about a pound from my December 1 Transformer goal, which is my final goal! I’ve lost 80 pounds over 2+ years (low carb, low calories, walking 2-4 miles a day, and over two dozen DietBets). I weighed 137 this morning, cannot believe it! And tomorrow I turn 69, happy birthday to me!

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shree devi p.

Amazing!!! And Happy birthday! :)

Megan C.

AMAZING!! Happy Birthday!! I think you need to take at least 10 years off. You look FABULOUS!!

Betsy D.

08/31/2020 10:35AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
Tomorrow (or Wednesday) is weigh-out, who's ready?

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Betsy D.

I am OK if I don't go up in weight but I also have one ending 9/13 (Franny's) and I'm close there. And I am already a bit worried about ending the whole game right after Thanksgiving which for me will be a big family vacation, so I feel I need to be a few pounds UNDER goal before Thanksgiving.


Damn didnt make it. The first 2 rounds I did!!
baconcashewpie has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.6 pounds
08/24/2020 12:05PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!

Total weight lost is now 6,081 pounds! Average is 10 pounds.

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Emily P.

07/31/2020 6:02AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
Holy shit. I did it. By 1 pound. Just gotta not gain any water weight between today and tomorrow morning!

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Kathy B.

Way to go!

Casey C.

Way to go, Emily!


07/30/2020 12:16PM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
This morning I was only 0.3 lbs from my round 2 goal!!! AND I'm back in the 100s for the first time in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Debbie B.


shree devi p.

Yayyy awesome! Congrats! :heart_eyes:

Mel B

07/26/2020 4:49AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Welp, I have to lose 10 lbs in 20 days. I don't see that happening 😅 I hit a hard plateau last round and I'm trying to make up for it. We'll see how it goes

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You can do this!!! Chug that water baby! Park your car further away from the door of where you're going. Don't eat anything and drink nothing but water after 7pm! You've got this!


Yeah, if you're not already intermittent fasting and eating low carb, both are worth a try! Intermittent fasting alone seems to work for me, even when I eat ice cream I still lose weight if I do it within my 8-hour daily eating window. Good luck!
baconcashewpie accepted the challenge.
06/08/2020 9:21PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
The pot in Round 1 is now $787.50

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