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Lía H.

07/17/2020 10:07AM
Hey everyone! I am a rising English major junior in undergrad. So glad to find another community of students who wanna get fit. Between my academics and my work I'm always at a desk and I've been so negligent to my own health which has definitely affected different aspects of my life. I hope that we can become good friends and support each other in our different health journeys!

mrvlag t.

04/09/2020 5:46PM
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mark w.

09/19/2019 8:40PM

Caitlyn M.

01/04/2018 5:38PM
Hello everyone,
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01/02/2018 10:20AM
Hello everyone! I am in my last semester of undergrad looking to go into an accelerated nursing program this fall. I have gained 75+ pounds from high school till now. My goal is to slowly get the pounds back off. First goal is to lose 25! I'm a full time student (21 credits this semester...... ugh) and work 2 jobs. I love torturing myself. However, the gym, not my favorite. Trying to work it into my schedule! I am going on a cruise in May to celebrate my graduation, I want to look and feel like myself again!!

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Jacqueline M.

11/30/2017 4:58PM
Hello everyone, school, work, and dieting - what a challenge


11/15/2017 2:31AM
Hello everyone! Law Student from Portugal.
Want to lose at least 22 lbs!
Just joined the Holiday Hustle Transformer challenge :)


11/06/2017 12:31PM
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10/23/2017 10:59AM
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Sophia B.

10/09/2017 2:56PM
biology and environmental studies major at the university of victoria. Hoping to get down to 145lb :)

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Natalie C.

you got this!!!