Theresa T.

I gained a lot of weight working 85 hrs a week for the last 3 years. I'm starting to work part time to get back on track again with my health and weight and I plan on keeping it off this time.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Crispy kale chips right out of the oven

Favorite Sinful Food: Popcorn with a lot of butter

My Preferred Method of Exercise: SlowBurn wt training and interval cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: Change beliefs and create good habits.

My Diet Plan: JUDDD/Alternate Day Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $2,529.75

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TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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-1.3% Since last weigh-in-2.2 lbs
0% 1-Month Change0 lbs
-23.6% Lifetime Change-53.2 lbs

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Maryellen H.

04/01/2014 8:31AM
I just started Intermittent fasting.


10/23/2013 10:44AM
Look at that chart!! You are my hero. Fit Mamas uh? I want to stay in the game but still waiting for The Transformer to kick off. I have 2 games lined up that each start soon. I didn't know you did Intermittent Fasting until I read the comment below. I also do that. I find it's pretty easy to lose and I stay on target. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Sure works for me.

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Theresa T.

That's great about your husband. I started drinking "Bulletproof Coffee" and now I never have breakfast. If you are interested, check out the Bulletproof Exec.


I would love to try it. Sounds good. I have a couple cups of coffee each morning.

Tara J.

09/26/2013 6:33AM
Just happened to see your page and saw that you do intermittent fasting. I am reading the book The FastDiet. You've had success with that? How hard was it? Says to eat 500 calories on fasting days, so I think I could do it.

Theresa T.

Hey Tara! I actually do the Alternate Day Diet, also called JUDDD, the Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet.

I fast every other day (EOD). The research used in the Fast Diet 5:2 book was actually from EOD methods and the doctor who did the research asked them to take her name off the 5:2 book because fasting only two days was not going to give the same results as her studies.

I do 2550 cals on Up days and 360 on Down days. I started with different numbers according to the online calculator and then adjusted after several months once I got my bodyfat tested. The first two weeks were hard and then I got into a great rhythm.

After reading the book, I suggest checking out the forum:

Hope that helps.


09/23/2013 10:03PM
I would love some additional information about the life coach stuff you brought up. I have lost 68 lbs over the last 2 years but still have a journey ahead of me!!!

Theresa T.

Hi Jenny. Congrats on losing 68 lbs! Wow!
Drop me an email:
and I'll be happy to send you some info on the coaching. :-)

Laura B.

09/17/2013 4:47PM
Oh! I have myfitness pal! We should be friends! My username is Burke505! I'm trying to track daily! Good luck!!

Theresa T.

Oh gosh, I've never even used that feature! I've just tracked cals. I'll figure out how to add someone. I don't even know my username.

Theresa T.

09/12/2013 10:08PM
This is my 20th Diet Bet since starting on February 1st. I'm down over 45 lbs! I had to take a break from dietbetting for the past 6-8 weeks because I closed down 2 apartments, moved 3 times, drove cross country, and was staying with friends, which was the perfect storm for gaining 3-5 lbs (mostly water from eating pizza while moving!) and then plateauing while driving cross country. But I'm in a new place now, the scale is unpacked and I'm ready to lose the last 20!

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07/29/2013 2:02PM
You should join our small secret Dietbet Alumni group on facebook... :)

Theresa T.

I just sent a note to Amy to join. Been missing you guys.

Theresa T.

07/26/2013 9:11AM
As of today I am officially down 45 lbs since February 1st when I started Dietbetting!!

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Deborah L.

Wow! You're doing awesome! Keep it up girlie!!!! :0)

Theresa T.

Thank you so much! It feels great!!

Amanda S.

07/21/2013 9:43PM
Very important question for the queen on diet bet :). Ok I lost a whooping 9.6 pound this first round. I'm was going to weight for the game to finalize to use that money for the next bet. But I realized that the next bet is gonna make me do another 9pounds to win. I heard a lot about the "plateau". Maybe I'm going to need every single day I can get to lose that much. So I should just go ahead and start the one everyone is getting in?

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Amanda S.

Next* time

Theresa T.

I understand about the accountability. I'm frustrated with diet bet that you can now only have 3 active games. Having one start each week was really tantamount to my success.

I haven't added formal exercise back yet, but I'm not sedentary. Up until a few weeks ago I had a fairly physical job working for a caterer, I had a small garden I played around in, and I like to walk, though I found my weight loss slowed when I was visiting NYC and walking 5+ miles a day, so I'm just keeping it leisurely. I used to exercise a TON and I really struggled with my weight, which is why I'm waiting to get close to goal before starting again.

And I'm doing the Alternate Day Diet (also called JUDDD) which by its nature mixes things up if you follow it to the letter, which is why I think I haven't plateaued. It's not for everyone, but I'm happier on this plan than on any diet I've ever done so I stay motivated to stick with it.


07/19/2013 1:25PM
Hi Theresa, What are you going to do after this DB Round?

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I hear ya. I guess some people were abusing the system. It was only a matter of time before DB caught up to it. Tis a shame. I joined TAJ's dietbet. Looks like it's a pretty big one, kind of like the DoLife one we did. I just concluded my free day, and I feel AWFUL. lol

Theresa T.

Lol. I could never do a cheat day without going off the rails and having a cheat weekend!
I was going to join the TAJ bet but can't now.
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