Maryellen H.

I am steadily losing weight through Intermittent Fasting so I can be free of GERD. Intermittent fasting is not a diet but a set time in which to eat. Please join my game Zombies, Runner #5 for April:

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: Butter Popcorn

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Marching

My Approach to Weight Loss: Linking MyFitnessPal with Bodymedia Fit

My Weight Loss Program: Atkins Diet

My Diet Plan: Intermittent Fasting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Calorie Counter by My Net Diary

Fitness Devices: Body Media Fit Core

DietBet Winnings: $494.23

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-2% Since last weigh-in-3.6 lbs
-2% 1-Month Change-3.6 lbs
-17.3% Lifetime Change-36.2 lbs

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11/30/2014 4:18PM
Dear dietbet friend- You have been selected because you have inspired/ encouraged/ liked a post/ or in some way helped me and I thank you for that! Now I hope we can help each other-- I am starting a dietbet called Forget the Fudge ( ), and people are needed!! My friends outside dietbet are, for a multitude of reasons/excuses, not joining, so I am appealing to you, my DB ppl who have helped me get down about 60#. I still have about 15# to go. Can you help and finish off 2014 better than you started?


06/02/2014 11:19PM
We both started around the same weight, except I was heavier..219.8 lbs. We are both trying to get down to the 120's. At the rate you're going, you'll definitely get there first! I am so proud of your progress and excited for you!!! WHOO HOOO!


06/02/2014 11:18PM
Wow Maryellen!!! You are continuing to make amazing progress! I definitely want to find out more about the lifting you are doing. Since I started lifting in a fasted state and dropped the cardio (walking) I keep gaining weight, so I definitely need to be doing both.

Maryellen H.

I have several things that I'm doing that is working for me. First, I only lift 3 x a week. No cardio except for my Zombies Run. The lifting I do is Stronglifts 5x5...meaning 5 sets 5 reps of 3 moves a day. It takes about 30 minutes a workout to complete. I do that in fasted state. I also take BCAAs that you can get at GNC or I take the tablets from Walgreens. I also do Intermittent Fasting and during my eating window I follow the Atkins Diet. And I'm talking the Atkins from 2002, his book New Diet Revolution. No processed foods, no shakes, and no bars. I eat 70% fat, 25% protein and the remaining in carbs. I found for me carbs was the biggest stall on my weight loss. Before he died he made the diet much healthier for people to follow. I'm still doing induction which is why I'm losing. Once I get down to 25 lbs left to lose I'll start on going up to the other Phases. You can join this group to learn more of what we do.:)


Thank you Maryellen for the awesome information. I hadn't heard of BCAA's or Stronglifts before so I will research both of these and see how I can incorporate them into what I'm already doing.

Bethany C.

05/31/2014 11:21PM
When are you thinking about starting the next Zombies, Run! game???? I want in.

Maryellen H.

I can't seem to get a lot of people interested to do it in June either. Maybe vacations? So how about in July? That will give me time to get one up and running. :)


05/13/2014 10:13PM
Hi Maryellen, I am sorry I missed your Zombies Run game because I love that app! I am also trying intermittent fasting as of 4/30. Maybe I will see you in a game sometime. Until then, I hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend. Becky

Maryellen H.

That's fine. I'm just now seeing this. I don't get any notifications from Diet Bet anymore so not sure what's up with that. I'll be doing another Zombies Run in July. I think a lot of people are on vacation right now and so I can't get the interest at the moment. I'll let you know. :)


Hi I might not be able to join until August because I'm loading up on games to get me ready for my late July vacation then I'm back to dietbetting in Aug. Have you ever thought of starting an IF dietbet also for those doing IF or considering trying it for a month? I know a few folks who might join one if it existed.


04/29/2014 6:20AM
Hello! I've been creeping the Zombies, Runner 5 dietbet for some time now, hoping for updates as to whether or not you'll do another May game. I would definitely join a $25 May game if you organized one! If you don't think that you'll be able to organize it, let me know and maybe I'll do it? I've never organized a game but how hard can it be (famous last words)?

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Maryellen H.

Well if you want to run a game, please do so. I didn't win Jillian's and so don't have the money to do a game this month.


Thanks for responding on my cheerboard as well! I did not see your response here!

I hope that the popularity of the Zombies, Run App itself will help to encourage people to join! It won't be right away that I set it up (if I set it up) but I will keep you in the loop in case you change your mind!

I am midway through my first challenge on this site! It's a great motivator!



04/10/2014 12:10AM
You are doing GREAT! Got here too late to post my weight in the other one I was in, but I'm in this one for some MONEY this time! Lost my last two and I do NOT like THAT! Oh, well. Looked at that IF site you mentioned - don't know if I'm ready for that yet. But it sure is working for YOU!

Bonnie D

04/09/2014 8:01PM
Way to go! You are going to make this round!


04/07/2014 8:17AM
Hooray, Maryellen!!! I use intermittent fasting, too, sometimes under duress in order to meet a DietBet goal!!

Maryellen H.

I love IF. I'm on Day 11 right now and I have to say it is wonderful. I've been at a steady pace of weight loss, as well as now lifting 15 lbs. I follow the leangains format


04/03/2014 8:13AM
24 pounds, nice!
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