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Birthday Blunders
by - 02/14/2016 1:38PM

*Warning: This is a random rant of things that have bothering me. This may or may not make any sense... Read More ›

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You're not alone. I basically did that last week with no birthday or any other event as an excuse! Falling back into those bad habits can be tough to break completely. Right now I'm giving myself permission to be better at it but not "perfect," because every time I shoot for "perfection" in that way I seem to let myself down. So focus on your good changes and work on lessening the other habits so they don't keep you too far from your goals. But don't beat yourself up over it, really. It doesn't help. I think of it as my alcoholism or drug addiction - would I beat myself up for being an addict? No, I hope not anyway, I would recognize I have a problem and that I need to keep working on it so it doesn't mess up my life. Just know it is your struggle to deal with and do the best you can. 15 pounds lost and the habit changes you described are definitely accomplishments, no matter what else happens over a weekend.


Happy birthday! I am sorry your birthday weekend turned into a bit of self-abuse. Being honest about how you feel is really important. And who the heck am I to "talk you into" another way of "feeling?" Feel it. Own it. You have done that, chica-lica. Like Marcie said, getting it off your chest is important. If this helps, I have found ways to satisfy my own sugary cravings. They work for me, but not sure if they will for you? When craving dessert, I will take fresh fruit (raspberries and strawberries are my drug of choice) and sprinkle them with Xyla/Truvia/honey. Sometimes I admittedly overdo the Truvia, but it satisfies the sugar craving. Another thing that works for me, but this might violate your "processed crap" rule (and I understand that, totally). I keep sugar-free hot chocolate at the ready. A serving has 20 calories and it really satisfies me. Plus, in this blustery weather, I really need a warm-up! Good luck. I agree with Marcie in celebrating your victories, thus-far. You can do this. This.is.your.year.baby!