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Favorite Health Food: is there such a thing?

Favorite Sinful Food: #1 buffet #2 condiments :)

My Preferred Method of Exercise: visualization

My Approach to Weight Loss: haphazard & sporadic, inventive not dull

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: The Feeling Diet - If I'm feeling full, I gain weight. If I'm feeling hungry, I lose weight.

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, SportsTracker, Nike+, MapMyRun

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $8,856.54

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boot camp, karate, running, success :)
by - 05/11/2016 8:45AM

OK, I had to wait until current DietBets were finalized before i could sign up for new ones and I di... Read More ›

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Wow Dr Scott!! that list of activities makes me winded!! I am starting to push myself and will get to running by the end of June. I have had to re-evaluate some basic "support" items and will make sure I have them in place before venturing forward. I must go shopping now!!


Oh and when was that Birthday you have coming up?! July was it?! you can do this!!!
Run Log Updated & 30.6 .bs to $2,096
by - 04/24/2016 1:14PM

10 weeks and a couple days from today I have a two week window to weigh 212 lbs, in which case I'll ... Read More ›

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I love this, Scott!!! You are such an inspiration! You have pushed me to achieve goals that I never thought I would. Keep up the good work, friend!!


Dr Scott, I have missed reading your blogs!! I have used much of the information you have posted in the last little while and set up some small goals for my year. I plan to do 3 5k walks this year with the first coming up in June. It was supposed to be May but I will be just coming back from a business trip that weekend I felt it would be too much. I also am looking forward to doing the relay for life in June which is an all night event. I have set my weight loss goal as well, 50 by 50 so that gives me about 7 months to meet this goal. I will get myself to running in the future because I believe that deep inside of me there is a runner that is looking to get out. Thanks for you inspiration.
Year 2, Week 44, Down 80 lbs
by - 11/11/2015 3:26AM

a reblog of my latest post from www.icanrunaminute.com    Gotta play some catch-up for the last coup... Read More ›

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Dr Scott, I am sure that if your body couldn't take the running each day it would let you know. And you know yourself best. A day off might mean a slower pace, lower milage, right? I find your blogs very inspirational and I am really considering running just because of what you write, not to do what you do but because it sounds like maybe it is something I can do. just start slow and work up, I must remember not to get that weekend warrior mentality working and go into over load. I love your last statement about the weight loss and credit cards, I too want to finally pay off those "credit cards"!! have a great day!!
Down 89 lbs - Year 2 Week 40 Weigh-In :)
by - 10/08/2015 7:50AM

reblog of my post from www.icanrunaminute.com Down 89 lbs - Year 2 Week 40 Weigh-In :) Check it out!... Read More ›

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Mish_Get_It_2gether G.

Keep up the good work

Kari S.

Great job!
Year 2, Week 39 Weigh-In
by - 10/01/2015 8:38AM

repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!  That's how I had planned on star... Read More ›


sounds amazing!! you can do this Dr Scott!! I have never seen anyone so committed and motivated to their health!! you rock!!


Wow , thanks for the motivation.I have been wavering in regards to staying focused.I have lost ,approx 50 lbs to date. But I have another 70 to lose.So I am searching for that thing to keep me focused and on track.
Year 2 Week 38 Weigh-In & Washington DC
by - 09/24/2015 8:40AM

a repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com   I was stunned, tickled to death and pretty happy t... Read More ›

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Carrie O.

Wow - I'm lucky to hit 5 hrs at my marathon - way to go!
Year 2, Week 37 Weigh-In
by - 09/17/2015 3:54AM

repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com It's kind of late Wednesday night but, past midnight s... Read More ›


Dr Scott, I could feel the disappointment about the race in Chicago. That really sucks that it might not count. although it will count in your books as a race completed so maybe it might be good to do it anyway. Also I don't think you should "trash" your other goal about the adding 10 miles each month, just don't make it a hard priority. If you make it great, if not well you try again next month with the same milage. Watching you had really has really got me interested in running and I have been looking at marathons and half marathons to just get a feel for what is out there. I saw a marathon listed for an "international" race. It starts in Boston and ends in Niagara Falls, Canada. I am just wondering if you have thought about adding an international flair to your races, lol have a great day Scott and enjoy your visit to DC
Crazy Running Goals
by - 09/15/2015 4:42AM

a repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com When I first started this blog I had a tagline which... Read More ›

Kira J.

Good luck! Sounds like you've got a lot of work (and fun) in store.
Year 2, Week 36 Weigh-In
by - 09/10/2015 8:24AM

a repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com   233.2 today for a September average of 234.6 so on... Read More ›

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Wow you've lost a lot! Great job. I'd also like to do a half marathon someday, better start with a 5k first I guess ;)


When I called myself a runner decades ago, looking forward to races was super motivating! Keep it up, Scott.
Year 2, Week 35 Weigh-In
by - 09/05/2015 3:56PM

following is a repost from my blog at www.icanrunaminute.com This has been an interesting week.  Thi... Read More ›

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Great job on logging so many miles, and congratulations on running the 5K!


wow!! you are doing great!! to run a 5 K in 34 min is awesome!! and your journey through weight loss and improved health is really showing your dedication, keep it up!!
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