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12/13/2018 4:56AM

Congratulations to these lucky 20 winners who all won a Waterproof iPod Shuffle! All of the winners will receive an email from us with details of your prize so be on the lookout for that email.

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12/12/2018 6:52AM

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week's Progress Prize is a big one so make sure you submit that progress weigh-in before midnight PST tonight! We have 20 Waterproof iPod Shuffles to give away! With each iPod valued at over $225, this is a prize you don’t want to miss out on! Not a member? Become one today!

Official weigh-ins for games are also automatically applied to the Progress Prize drawing for Members. If you’ve already submitted a Progress Weigh-in this week, you’re automatically entered into the drawing. If you’re not sure whether you’ve submitted, check your Membership Page — it’ll say “Entered to win” if you’re all set. Progress Weigh-ins and Progress Prizes are Member-only features that help you stay on track toward your goal and reward you for keeping yourself accountable. Members can weigh in each week to be entered into the prize drawing. If you're not a Member, you can become one at any time



11/09/2018 1:57PM
It has been awhile since I have done a DietBet, but I was on the site looking for some before and after pictures to post for my friends. As of this morning I have lost 140.6 lbs since my first DietBet in June of 2014. This was a special milestone for me since I will be doing my first Ironman next week in Arizona where I will be swimming, biking, running 140.6 miles. It has been a long journey with ups and downs, but having a place like DietBet to be accountable to so many other people that face the same struggles I do really helped. Congrats to you all for focusing on your health and doing something to make your life better.

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Carrie P.

09/10/2018 4:56AM
made my first transformer goal. that day allowed myself a few extra calories, nothing crazy and next morning i woke up 9lbs heavier...yeah know it's probably some weird water thing. my ankles swelled up which is odd for me. just arghh. two days later, still up almost 6lbs, so just chugging along.

Carrie P.

08/12/2018 5:09PM
well one week into my transformer and think i'm down 5.2lbs but who knows. my scale is semi possessed and hard to get same weight twice but went with the highest number at the same time of day and with similar clothing on.

Carrie P.

08/05/2018 4:26PM
ok doing it on my own with the kids at home all summer wasn't getting it done, so joined the transformer starting on the 7th. i have to make this work. kids start school on the 8th so i can focus on planning meals and getting more sleep. I had lost 19 lbs but gained 9 of it back. I know i can do it if i try really hard, but at almost 400 lbs, 12 lbs in a month is going to be tough.


07/30/2018 7:51AM
I don't remember how long ago I posted in here. It was likely when I was 295 pds and feeling great from losing 25 pounds. Then my weight kept creeping back up to the scary 300 pound mark. I stopped caring, I stopped trying, and I stopped weighing myself. Yesterday., I was tired by 6 p.m., my body ached, and I was out of breath from SLOWLY walking half a block. I was disgusted with myself. So today I hopped on the scale: 310.8 pounds.

I hate those numbers. But more, I hate an achy back and tired feeling and lack of life. So today I made a protein shake, ate an apple and packed a healthy lunch. I just joined another DietBet too, this time, I don't want to wimp out after 2 months and let myself go. I am determined to lose this and be happy and healthy and strong again.

Harley L.

07/09/2018 9:10AM
After being away from this for a really long time, I am so amazed to see that the group I started 4 years ago is still active and has over 2,500 members now! Reading through some of your posts, I am thrilled that this group has been so helpful to so many of you and I hope you all continue to draw inspiration from one another as you continue on this journey! You are all AMAZING!

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07/05/2018 7:57PM
I've learned that I need to do more challenges back to back. I've also joined weight watchers. My biggest problem is accountability. I win challenges then gain the weight back in between challenges. I needed something to help me keep the weight off and continue to drop pounds. So far so good and I hope to reach my goal!

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07/04/2018 9:45PM
Hey Everyone - I love this group. I have to admit I have about 220lbs to lose so I have a long way to go. I'm very driven and focused in all other areas of my life. I love the concept of dietbet and am looking forward to literally putting my money where my mouth is! I joined in Jan 2018 but this is the first challenge I'm really diving into! I'm excited!

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