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Limit L.

11/05/2019 8:53PM
I am so eager to share my amazing transformation.
I followed a certain routine in losing weight from 132 to 100 lbs. Below is the link to guide you as well and see the amazing results for yourself.

Sage H.

10/29/2019 2:50PM
Join me on my weight loss journey! It doesn't have to be boring to reach our goals and be our best selves.
Search for Mommy Meltdown under games and let's be the best winners by losing ;-)


10/07/2019 1:33PM
  • :arrow_down:– The Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat Effortlessly!!

Shauna P.

10/06/2019 7:56AM
I tried to start my own dietbet but nobody joined me. How does one get started??


07/03/2019 1:45PM


07/03/2019 10:00AM
  • I am hosting a dietbet for people who use fasting to reach their goals. I would love to be able to have a group of like minded fasters.


04/24/2019 7:14AM
  • Looking for a lively bunch of mischief making misfits to brighten your day! Check out King fatty Cakes Shame Game! It starts May 1st! Only 10 bucks! It's the funnest game I've been in! https://www.dietbet.com/kingfattycakes

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01/01/2019 8:28AM
  • Oh my! This the biggest return on my money I ever got. Its only a 10 bucks and just such a fun an active group! The next game starts today! www.dietbet.com/kingfattycakes

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  • They are my fattyfam!


11/09/2018 1:57PM
It has been awhile since I have done a DietBet, but I was on the site looking for some before and after pictures to post for my friends. As of this morning I have lost 140.6 lbs since my first DietBet in June of 2014. This was a special milestone for me since I will be doing my first Ironman next week in Arizona where I will be swimming, biking, running 140.6 miles. It has been a long journey with ups and downs, but having a place like DietBet to be accountable to so many other people that face the same struggles I do really helped. Congrats to you all for focusing on your health and doing something to make your life better.

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Carrie P.

09/10/2018 4:56AM
made my first transformer goal. that day allowed myself a few extra calories, nothing crazy and next morning i woke up 9lbs heavier...yeah know it's probably some weird water thing. my ankles swelled up which is odd for me. just arghh. two days later, still up almost 6lbs, so just chugging along.

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