100 Pound Count Down

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martin A.

02/07/2020 10:00AM
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Martina M.

02/01/2020 5:22AM
Hi! I just joined this group, but I am playing my second DietBet game. I need to lose 120 to 130 lbs. I am planning on taking it one day at a time. Looking for all f the support I can get because I don't want to keep failing at this. Thanks

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Laura S.

01/31/2020 8:31AM
Hello! I just joined and I'm needing to lose 100 lbs at the very least. Wish me luck!

martin A.

laura s I would suggest if you could use a combination of some products like this http://bit.ly/2OyjM5F you will see much better result anyways best luck

luka z.

01/22/2020 1:06PM
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01/11/2020 3:45AM
Is there a way to access groups in the app?

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01/11/2020 3:40AM
Good morning! My name is Billy. I just joined and will soon join a game. I am planning on losing 100 lbs this year. I will be thankful for any encouragement and support I can get.

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Haroun S.

Good luck billy!! With such determination you can do it!! I also advice you to check this website: https://cutt.ly/Melt-that-fat-now

amy m.

12/28/2019 10:50AM
I’m new to the group. Signed up for Dietbet last January, did not stick with it. A year - and 10 pounds more - later, I’m all in. I always dreamed of weighing 125. I’d like to see it just once! I actually have to look up what my ideal weight should be.

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Limit L.

11/05/2019 8:53PM
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Sage H.

10/29/2019 2:50PM
Join me on my weight loss journey! It doesn't have to be boring to reach our goals and be our best selves.
Search for Mommy Meltdown under games and let's be the best winners by losing ;-)


10/07/2019 1:33PM
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