100 Pound Count Down

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09/21/2020 8:52AM

Keto D.

08/15/2020 4:28AM
I couldn't stop eating without stopping and I was starting to look fatter 🐮 than normal, but thanks to Keto I lost more than 70 pounds with keto in my first year, no rebounds, it's sustainable Thanks to Keto today I feel great !! always satisfied and sure of myself.

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nicely done!

Harley L.

06/29/2020 8:54AM
Groups aren't really a feature that is used much anymore by DietBet, but I see this group had become a haven for spammers trying to sell their rip off diet products. I have deleted most of these messages and hope that it will keep the board free of that nonsense.

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04/14/2020 5:42AM
Do you guys have fitness instagram accounts? I'd love to follow some more people! Mine's @gymjaim00

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@belfastbiker. Even though I'm too heavy for my bike now, lol.

Eva Maria

04/06/2020 8:47AM
Hello I just joined this group, its my first time in this web, for me is so difficult to lose weight, but I ready to try.
I will be happy if I lose at least 100lbs. Like Martina, I am planning on taking it one day at a time.
Your sopport will be important to me.
I speak spanish, sorry if i write something wrong, I still learning english

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Martina M.

02/01/2020 5:22AM
Hi! I just joined this group, but I am playing my second DietBet game. I need to lose 120 to 130 lbs. I am planning on taking it one day at a time. Looking for all f the support I can get because I don't want to keep failing at this. Thanks

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Laura S.

01/31/2020 8:31AM
Hello! I just joined and I'm needing to lose 100 lbs at the very least. Wish me luck!


01/11/2020 3:45AM
Is there a way to access groups in the app?

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01/11/2020 3:40AM
Good morning! My name is Billy. I just joined and will soon join a game. I am planning on losing 100 lbs this year. I will be thankful for any encouragement and support I can get.

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Haroun S.

Good luck billy!! With such determination you can do it!! I also advice you to check this website: https://cutt.ly/Melt-that-fat-now

amy m.

12/28/2019 10:50AM
I’m new to the group. Signed up for Dietbet last January, did not stick with it. A year - and 10 pounds more - later, I’m all in. I always dreamed of weighing 125. I’d like to see it just once! I actually have to look up what my ideal weight should be.

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