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3rd and final 5K done! Not what I had hoped...
by - 12/14/2014 2:40PM

So I finished the Jingle Bell 5K today but not with the results I had hoped to get but it was expect... Read More ›

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Did you ever hear of that Dutch Olympic gold winner who failed at first and later got his gold medal? I wish for you to find and get that what you had set out for yourself and even seeing yourself to go beyond that. Blessings and a good beginning of 2015


Just saw this post CHUDHombre. Wow so amazed that you were able to do so well even with the knee problem. Rest up get that knee healed and take care! I look forward to reading new posts from you on the Kool Kats page about your setting new personal bests!
2 of 3 Official 5Ks in Nov/Dec Done!
by - 11/27/2014 12:48PM

Finished the 2nd of 3 5Ks this morning that are chipped timed instead of me relying on Runkeeper for... Read More ›

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Way to go!


Fantastic! That's a great time and it's amazing that you keep on pushing with injuries hurting you! Good luck on your next 5K! I am also doing 5ks, best time ever was 32min and last one 36min.
1 of 3 Official 5Ks in Nov/Dec Done!
by - 11/23/2014 8:33AM

Just finished my first officially timed 5K in over a year.  Went into it with some anxiety due to th... Read More ›

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That is fantastic! Good for you, be proud. Great accomplishment!

Joelly M.

That is Awesome Hombre!!!!! You beat your own records!!!! Congratulations!!!!
OMG! I freakin' did it!
by - 10/18/2014 4:59AM

Short version: Jogged a 5K distance.  Eye of the Tiger!   Long version: Haven't jogged a 5K since la... Read More ›

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I LOVE this!!! I used to do 1/2 marathons, but Graves disease and a thyroid that tried to kill me removed later, I have put on 40 pounds and that is killing my joints. This is incredibly inspirational as I am now on week 3 of Couch 2 5K and I cannot wait to go for my jog tomorrow morning! Thanks

Becky M.

Awesome and inspiring!
Almost made September goal and goal for October
by - 10/03/2014 7:25AM

I don't know what happened but I'll take it.  My goal was to get under 270 lbs by the end of Septemb... Read More ›


You can get to 260 keep up the good work, and I hate weekends they are so tough, way to go on your earnings and it must help doing this to help you on your wieight loss journey

Arianne B.

Hey, just a thought, have you ever considered swimming? It might be good for times like now, when you're injured, as well as a good back-up with winter and colder weather on it's way. (It happens to be my absolute favorite, but I know not everyone likes it).
Jogged a 5K distance this morning......YAY!.....sorta......yay?
by - 09/24/2014 7:37AM

Went for a jog this morning around the lake.  Couple of hiccups along the way but I THINK I complete... Read More ›

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LA Miller

Whoot! Great job!! You are obviously very determined! :)


WooHoo! You are doing great!
The Lows and Highs of My Jog Today
by - 09/17/2014 7:48AM

So I thought about doing yoga yesterday but decided to take a complete rest day as I worked out for ... Read More ›

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Perfect, we are going to keep each other accountable for many months!


Why are you comparing yourself ( & beating yourself up) to others?!? Focus on you. Your distance increased first. Then speed. I would encourage you to do speed walking at your higher weights instead of jog/ run. Weight coming down on your knees/ knee damage is no fun. Post surgery at 54 my knees prevent me from so many things I enjoy.
Goal for September
by - 09/03/2014 7:47AM

Started August 11th at 288.2 lbs and as of September 2nd I'm at 278.2 lbs (-10 lbs in 3 weeks) with ... Read More ›

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You've done a great job so far! Awesomeness!!!!!! Plus, you've made some bank on top of it! ;) Keep up the hard work and make some more!


Cool! How is September going? I diet bet you that is going well. :)
Extra motivated today cause I'm really ticked off!
by - 08/12/2014 11:58AM

So I started playing softball again last year and continued through the spring/summer this year.  Th... Read More ›

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that not right man. if you need any help please and email me at

maria n.

It's shocking how nasty people can be. Thing is, even as a youth when I struggled with anorexia, people still made comments. I'm Irish and Germany and built like an offensive lineman. Spent most my life trying to be like my 98 pound friends. It sucks but let's get healthy and find healthy friends! I will cheer you and you cheer me! OK?
Starting over again.....sigh!
by - 08/11/2014 7:49AM

I was at an all time high of 330 lbs a few years ago and after cutting out some junk food, got down ... Read More ›

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Valerie C.

Acknowledge your setbacks and keep moving forward. You are on the right path of a lifelong journey. I enjoyed reading your post and will be watching AND celebrating your progress with you.


I am re-losing the same 50 lbs. Only 10 more pounds to get back where I was. Then 70 more lbs to go to goal. I am taking the information I have learned about myself and pushing forward. You are doing good. Just one step at a time. . . You got this!