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My Approach to Weight Loss: Balanced eating

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Dani FatPTBackToFit

07/20/2021 8:53AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • Sleeping! Curious about everyone's sleeping pattern! I wake up feeling thinner, fitter, and healthier!! Although what is very interesting is my sleep has not been great from day one of my dietbets. I started on July 5. I'm in 3. It's so weird cuz I feel awesome, and I have much more energy through the day etc. And I'm getting in my workouts, my food is so healthy day in and day out - no cheating!lol, water intake galore almost a gallon a day, u would think I'd have a matching restful sleep. I guess it's just odd to me when I was eating terrible I had great deep sleep haha! Now I'm eating n living super healthy and now have terrible sleep. So weird! My sleep just feels very light. I wonder if it's due to the fact my body has become fat burning machine 😂 and that it's just working hard while I sleep, burning fat and building muscle fibers. (Which I really think that's what it is and the explanation)
    Never have I had in my life a consistent day after day light sleep. Matched with consistent weight loss day by day. Tho I do feel rested up in the morning inspite of a equal feeling of not great sleep, that's what's weird. I no longer feel like a zombie night of the living dead when I wake up and getting outta bed lol ... It's so hard to describe the feeling of a light not so great sleep every single day, yet still feeling good. I don't know how I feel rested, but I do. I just know my sleep isn't the same as it always was. The whole experience is very different. This is the first time my body has ever had to lose weight like this, so it's definitely a fun experiment lol! Does anyone else have this same feeling? Or what is ur sleep pattern like? When ur losing verses when I were not doing a diet?

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Kathleen S.

Is there hidden caffeine in anything you're drinking? Try to stop caffeinated drinks by 2pm. Also exercise early in the day. Good luck

Dani FatPTBackToFit

Well I'm definitely not a keto person lol, I love my carbs! I allow myself more carbs in the morning/lunch.. at dinner I go light on them. But I will have them tho most times at dinner but very small. Sometimes it depends on what I'm making. Like last night I did have mashed potatoes, made my grandpa's hamburger pie -i subbed with lean ground turkey tho- (it's like a Shepard's pie.) Funny is I do think I slept a bit better, I woke up more groggy and bleh :joy: not wanting to get up. Verses a most days I'm raring to go soon as my eyes pop open lol ..this was only the second time I've had mashed potatoes at dinner in 3 weeks.. As far as caffeine, I love my coffee, so definitely am a caffeinated person lol! I always have no matter what some caffeine mid day , but I've done that my whole life. So whether on diet or not, never really effects me. But if I have a coffee let's say at 7pm or 8 lol oh yeah I won't be going to sleep til 2 am lol. When I was in my 20s and 30s I could drink a pot of my string black coffee at 9pm and then still go to bed no problems haha can't do that anymore lol! 1 cup around 2-5 is fine. But I think it is due to the starch which is interesting. I'm having my hamburger pie leftovers today at lunch , and will do a no starch dinner to see what the sleep is like. Haha I find these experiments interesting lol
Anyway thanks everyone for the input and ideas! I'd like to listen to that starch podcast.


07/20/2021 8:42AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • Wow! It’s just melting off!! Love 2b mindset!!

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Angela H.



Wow! I need to get to work! My weight is not moving! But I have a lot going on right now and am finding it hard to focus on food. Still making time for exercise though.

Kealey M.

07/19/2021 11:08PM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • Any other tea lovers in the house?? ☕
    One of the hardest habits for me to break is sweets EVERY night after dinner.
    These Cuppa Cake teas have been so helpful!! No, it ain’t the real thing, but they taste (& smell) great and it helps replace the habit! Cheers!

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Kealey M.

Yes!!! My people!! These are from Republic of Tea- they have some delish iced teas too. Even some “wine-inspired” iced teas! :innocent:


I bet that gingerbread tastes good! I love ginger tea with just a splash of soy milk.

Ilana Muhlstein

07/16/2021 2:00AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
What a great first week everyone! I am so proud of you all! No matter what happened this weekend, you still have the power to reach your goal. Make sure you’re always losing or learning and set a more concrete yet realistic plan for the coming week! You can do this!!

I’m very excited about my progress but still have to stay consistent and focused. I always have my rule of “3 by 3”- 3 Big water bottles by 3pm. I added in “and 1 by 9,” and it really changed things! Yes, I have to get up in the middle of the night but I probably was anyway. It’s so much better. I feel so much lighter and well hydrated, especially as the new spring days last longer.

Let me know if you try it!!

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Erin M.

I LOVE the water bottle from your Nutrition Babe box! Its huge and makes getting water in so much easier!

Lisa A.

Is it 1 more bottle by 9am, when do you do this since you’re getting up at night?


07/06/2021 3:15PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I requested my payout as soon as I got notification it was available and it hit my PayPal today at noon.

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Janna S.

I still haven't got my pay out :-(


I just received mine now

Shannon L.

07/03/2021 9:55AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • This is my transformation. The middle was my initial weigh in and the right was my last weigh in for this challenge. Total lost from Aug 2020 a now is 68 lbs. enjoyed the challenge and gained and lost so much.

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Biking Syl

Congrats!!! So inspiring, thanks for sharing!!


Amazing transformation! You look great and so athletic now and younger too!!


07/01/2021 11:25AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • This has been such an amazing challenge and group and dietbets have really been such a great motivator for me! 43.8 lbs down in this challenge!!! Just about at my goal weight and pretty happy where I am! Fitting into lots of fun old vintage clothes that I used to wear 10 years ago and can't wait to have some fun and wear a bikini soon! But definitely not the bikini bottom in this pic because it might fall down if it got wet. 😆 My before pic is from my very first dietbet in December which really got me motivated to join this one (along with 2 other transformers and 10 kickstarters along the way!) It wasn't always easy but I stayed consistent and won them all! And my ultimate goal was to be strong for my bike races this summer (and fit in my shorts, 😆) I've had two so far...sharing a photo from the last one in the comments.

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@PolkaDotted I tracked with myfitnesspal most days and tried to stay around 1800 calories. Focused on getting enough fiber and protein and drank ALOT of water!!! I think staying hydrated made a huge difference! It kept me from being snacky all the time. I also work from home and live in a rural area, so unless I bring bad food home it's not really convenient and easy to fall off the wagon. I still ate plenty of chocolate (hello Easter and Cadbury eggs!) and the occasional pizza or chips, but tried to keep that in control and balance it with healthy light meals. Also, lots of walking the first few months!

Kim R.

Dang! Looking super fit and strong. Good luck in your races!

Alma I.

06/30/2021 5:00PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • She was on clearance :) Makes me feel like a kid again. I even got neon lights and the basket for her. Can't wait for all the fun with this bike. Just another thing that I wouldn't have done before...riding around the neighborhood on a bike 😄 haven't done that since I was 12!

    Another thing I got but off Amazon, is a SUP! I have been wanting one for a while and this weeks prize reminded me of that so I said the heck with it! I bought it as soon as I seen it on here. I'm nervous but I will get out there and try 💪

    Who even am I anymore??? Haha!

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Vegan Dad

Nice! Way to let your personality shine!

Rachel S.

Such a beautiful and joyful picture!! Keeping shining Alma :sunny: and enjoy your bike adventures

Jennifer L.

06/30/2021 9:25AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I’m sitting a pound under my goal, but I’ve been maintaining it for 2 months. I wish I had intrinsic motivation to keep going, but I always need something driving me. The 2 weight loss bets obviously worked for me as I was 226 pounds 13 months ago and now I’m 179, but I just worry I’ll get sloppy without my bet pushing me.

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Michelle N.

I was within 2 lbs of goal by March/April. I was KILLING it.... then Easter happened! Since then I've been stalled. So upset I didn't keep going and now crossing my fingers for tomorrow! This wasn't my plan. However, I have maintained, within 2 lbs of goal, since April. So I guess that is the point of the game, right? Do short games if needed to keep pushing you. I joined another transformer

Kara B.

I’m in the exact same boat!

Monica J.

06/30/2021 5:36AM in Memorial Day Meltdown with Ilana Muhlstein
Did I miss the deadline for the final weigh in? Does that mean I wont win my prize portion back?

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If you play again, set a reminder in your phone at the start of the bet for the weight in date. It always starts the day after the last day of the 4 week period and goes for 48 hours. I always write it on my paper calendar too. Commit to yourself fully and write it down! No way to get your money back if you miss the date! Hopefully you still lost the weight, so your body is still a winner! But next time, write down those dates as soon as you sign up!

Sharon G.

Unfortunately it does mean that.
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