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René B.

03/25/2018 5:28PM
My first diet bet...


03/25/2018 12:56PM
Shaun T is my hero. I love Beachbody on Demand and T25 is my favorite. I also do Cize for fun. This is my first DietBet.

Jay H.

03/25/2018 11:14AM
Let’s do this! I’ve been looking for something to send my winter weight packing!


08/03/2017 4:01AM
This DietBet challenge is a starting,  kick those stubborn pounds! Come join in Haste Grows Your Waist to lose 4% with positive support and prizes! You have a chance to not only win your entry fee back (guaranteed if you lose the 4%) plus extra prize money and prize possibilities! I am up to $70 in cash and starting the 3rd one!


05/23/2017 6:15AM
Anyone participating in BOD Shaun T week? I hope it doesn't kill me!!

Sharon UK

11/27/2016 4:29PM
How do I become a member?

Kellie W.

05/05/2016 8:52PM
Hip hop abs has worked for me many times. It always gets me back on track.


04/28/2016 10:41PM
Hey all! I'm a die hard Shaun T fan here! Started loving him when Cize was released. I completed the program twice with the advanced calendar and I've switched programs multiple times since then but I always go back to Shaun T and dance away when I need some fun fitness in my schedule!

Kellie W.

Ive thought about purchasing Cize. I wish i could try it out first to see if i like it.


You can try Beach Body on Demand for 14 days for free :)


04/18/2016 3:48PM
Hi all! I am new to this and I am trying to get a game going for those who love beachbody programs like I do :) if you want to join message me for details


03/03/2016 2:06PM
Shaun T is my go to workout choice. I love his videos. Currently I am doing the T25 Strength Hybrid and am seeing positive changes.

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