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12/13/2018 4:56AM

Congratulations to these lucky 20 winners who all won a Waterproof iPod Shuffle! All of the winners will receive an email from us with details of your prize so be on the lookout for that email.

Alicia Z.Angelique C., Cristina B., Erin Z., CAPSmomKarlaGoughiaHildaKellyKrystle Deelarissa c., Pumpkin, Liv F., Martha W., Natalie C., Nicole A.Rachael M., Rachel S., Sarah S., and Tress

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12/12/2018 6:52AM

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week's Progress Prize is a big one so make sure you submit that progress weigh-in before midnight PST tonight! We have 20 Waterproof iPod Shuffles to give away! With each iPod valued at over $225, this is a prize you don’t want to miss out on! Not a member? Become one today!

Official weigh-ins for games are also automatically applied to the Progress Prize drawing for Members. If you’ve already submitted a Progress Weigh-in this week, you’re automatically entered into the drawing. If you’re not sure whether you’ve submitted, check your Membership Page — it’ll say “Entered to win” if you’re all set. Progress Weigh-ins and Progress Prizes are Member-only features that help you stay on track toward your goal and reward you for keeping yourself accountable. Members can weigh in each week to be entered into the prize drawing. If you're not a Member, you can become one at any time


Faith Girl

06/05/2018 8:28AM
It was just confirmed that I won my 6 month transformer game. I lost 10% of my weight. PTL! Twenty -five more to go. Gotta get it off before I turn 60 in March. My goal is to be healthy and fit by 60!

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Ursula M.

Well done Faith! I just won my Transformer today and will be 60 in April.


You can do it!! Congratulations!

Pamala L.

06/04/2018 8:41AM
OMG-I can not believe I've reached my goal with 4 days to spare. I am so pumped now, I'm really feeling good, enthusiastic and so much more motivated to make my goal-of 40 lbs lost by 11/1/18, short goal is 20 lbs by 7/29/18 for my San Fran/Napa trip. Woo Hoo!!

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Jan W.


Ursula M.

Brilliant! Just don't celebrate too hard before the official weigh in ;)

karen e.

06/01/2018 6:15PM
Hello, I'm very motivated since I signed up for my first kickstarter! I've put on 50 lbs over the last 3 years. Would drop some before a vacation and put it back on and then some when we returned. I have had some tough times in the past two years and used that as an excuse to eat and drink more. Gave up exercising for the most part too! One thing I never gave up on was hope...I still have my favorite clothes from six sizes ago (so I'd have them when I lost the weight!) Now, I've decided to pack them up and donate. I might keep one pair of jeans in each size towards my goal as a measuring stick!

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Jan W.

05/31/2018 4:52AM
Hi all
I just found DietBet this morning and am very intrigued by the concept. I am 62 yrs young and need to lose at least 50 lbs. I hired a personal trainer in April and now do some sort of movement 7 days a week. Including ChicBoxing, kayaking, hiking, etc. I now need to focus on my diet and hope this will help.
Looking forward to getting started.

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Hi, I haven't been playing long enough to understand if one is better than another or not. I started with a transformer and am thinking about doing a kickstarter. I'm thinking they are all amazing, just jump in!

Jan W.


Lisa O.

05/27/2018 4:36PM
Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to be in a group of women (and maybe some men too) that are in my age range. I've been told so many times that it is very hard to lose weight after the 50-yr-old mark, but I want to challenge that belief and, of course, challenge myself to begin. Since being involved in a severe car accident and experiencing arthritis in both hips, my sports activities have had to come to a halt. This has depressed me a lot and is part of the reason why I have gained around 10 kg. The only exercise I can do is walking, so I try to get out regularly with my dog. Now I will have to 'step it up' a bit more. Looking forward to reading your achievements!

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Ursula M.

Lisa, don't believe everything you read! I lost 21kgs nearly 10 years ago but put it nearly all on again through stress eating in the past 3 years. I am in the process of taking them off again: 19kgs down since January despite the fact that I'm now 59. Yes, I have slightly more of a pooch from menopause; although actually it could be that the first time round I was doing Pilates whereas my abdominal muscles are very underworked at the mo'. Walking has been key for me: do it! and then let us us know how you're getting on :D

Kendra A.

05/23/2018 12:30AM
Hello! I'm super excited to try this! In the last couple years, I've started hosting vegan food festivals and absolutely love it but it has also led me to weird hours and stress and now that it is working out, I really want to make sure my health is also great so I can keep doing it forever. Psyched to see if dietbet is the twist I need to get it together.

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Ursula M.

It certainly has been for me :)


05/20/2018 4:03PM
Greetings everyone. I am 54 and went back to school to get my BA. During that time I put on over 60 lbs working and going to school full time. No time to exercise, eat right or sleep. Not to mention the metabolism shift in perimenopause. In October I was at my high point on the scale and started slowly eating right and getting in some exercise, but I got serious in mid-December. I started BB 80 Day Obsession in January, and I am now on my second round and have lost 35 lbs. It's a long slow haul, but I feel so much better. Only 20-25 lbs to go!

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05/20/2018 9:16AM
Hi, everyone. I just turned 53 and have lost 29.6 pounds since February 16th. My ultimate goal is to loose another 100 pounds by my birthday next May. I'm feeling very confident I can accomplish this goal. So, I'm putting my money where my mouth is! We got this, everyone! We might be over 50, but that doesn't mean we can't be fabulous!

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