Over 50 and working on fabulous

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Spinster Sister

07/05/2021 4:33PM
Hey all, hope everybody is doing well and are happy with their place on the road to fabulous today!

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09/22/2020 1:41PM
Hi All, I am 55 and would like to see some real physical changed by 56. I just joined yesterday. Excited about what the next month will bring.

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08/31/2020 12:39PM
I am 61 and am on by third of fourth diet bet. Can't seem to stay down there. BMI is now 31 and I need to get it down below 30, so will probably do another game in September. Worried about Covid and how it hits obese folks harder.

Here's my blog on the topic:

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Steven S.

08/20/2020 7:51PM
Welcome Penny, Jem and Chris T.

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Steven S.

08/07/2020 8:27PM
Hi all.
I'll start a conversation and see if it helps. What is everyone doing for their workouts this week? Today I lifted and did the elliptical trainer.

darling wendy

08/02/2020 10:28AM
Just joined this group. I'm 63 and in the middle of my first Transformer game. Met round 1 but fell short on rounds 2 & 3. I'm starting to lose interest instead of weight!!! Hopefully joining a group will provide some motivation. I don't see too many posts here so come on guys, let's see at least 1 post each week!!

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63 here as well. It definitely adds a challenge factor as we get a bit older. It doesn't seem to fall off like it once did. But, if anything can do it, it's a Diet Bet. I have been successful with them in the past. I am at a point where I need that extra challenge boost so I am back. Best of health to you on this journey!

darling wendy

Okay, so I'm now 66 years old, ARG!!! Just taking a look at my profile and thinking to join a transformer game to start off 2023 with a plan. I agree Alice B., I need a good challenge. Good luck to all and Happy New Year.

Steven S.

07/29/2020 7:49PM
I am 57 and took a break for a while. I just won a short dietbet for the first time and am working on a 6 month one. So far, so good. Hopefully, I will continue to do well.

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05/10/2020 6:16PM
Hello everyone. Just joined this group and a transformers dietbet starting this month. I've been following a lazy keto diet since Sept. 1st and have lost 50 pounds, but lately have been slacking back to old ways. Being shut in with this pandemic hasn't helped lose weight, and am bound and determined to not gain any weight but rather lose another 40 pounds. Agewise I'm 67, but I still feel in my 40's!! Look forward to supporting others in our quest.

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We've slacked off keto too. Hard with so many fruits and vegetables vying for attention!

Ayokomi A.

04/12/2020 5:23PM
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01/29/2020 7:50AM
Hi fellow Diet Betters. I have been betting/losing for about 1 year now. I turned 50 in Nov. I have lost 40lbs and want/need to lose about 40 more. I am just about to renew my membership. If you have not joined, why not?? Not only have I won over 800.00 this year betting, I won a 200.00 Whole Foods gift card too. Looking forward to supporting and being supported by others in this group while we get fit and healthy

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Greetings! I just found this group. Way to go on your progress.

Maybe you can answer a membership question for me. I was here in 2016-17, before membership existed. In part I returned when I saw the "members only" games, which looked like the model I had been asking for when I was here before. So I joined a members only game, and now I can't find the others that I saw. Are we limited to one members-only game at a time?

Steven S.

That's great.