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09/15/2019 7:10PM
Okay so I’m over 50 but actually in my 60’s. Really hard losing weight when losing weight doesn’t work like it should and used to. Wish I didn’t like wine but I love wine. Sour cream and onion lays potatoe chips are you kidding me. But I will conquer and figure out weight loss and it will be a weight loss fulfillment.

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Julie H.

I’m 63 and have been a tequila and wine drinker. (Not in the same night) I’m 30# overweight, so somethings gotta go. I treat myself on Friday and Saturday nights only! Because of the huge quantity of water that I’ve been drinking, I’m really not missing the alcohol.


I"m glad it's not just me, but I do enjoy sitting on the patio at night and having a bourbon (or wine but not at same time LOL). Maybe because no little kids needing chasing? But it definitely freezes my weight loss, so i have to limit.


09/14/2019 8:21PM
Just hit 50 last month and it was a serious reality check. Not getting any younger so now is the time to get back to where I once was!


09/10/2019 9:22AM
Might I say dieting after 50 completely sucks!? I fight like a dog for every pound. But I win!


I know, right? I'm never doing this again. Once off, it is staying off.


08/25/2019 8:25AM
Good Morning! I'm over 50 and need to lose about 2 lbs for every year of life!!! I wish I was kidding :) Keep on keeping on...

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Michele S.

Hi, Lovey. Maybe we can resurrect this group! I definitely am interested in a community of similarly aged women who are facing the same challenges as I am. It's such a different pace and process in my 50s than it was when younger!


Me too

Michele S.

08/20/2019 3:52AM
Is this group still active?

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Sheryl J.

06/07/2019 8:09AM
I just did my first month weigh-in for my Transformer game. (Playing the Mother's Day Game)..So happy I came in under my goal and it was verified within minutes! For the first time I used the dietbet app on my phone and it was so much better than using my computer!!


12/26/2018 8:02PM
Just joined my first kickstarter and second transformer. Both begin the first of the new year. I'm a little nervous but also excited to get back on track. I can't believe how easy it was to slip back into my old eating habits because of the holidays. I'm hoping the pounds gained this past month will come off just as easily as they went on once I am back on Keto. Last year's resolution was to loss 70 pounds. I managed to lose 45. This years resolution is to get the rest of the weight off and get into the habit of exercising regularly. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit that into my already busy schedule. We are a four generation household. My mom, myself, my daughter, her husband and their 6 children. The youngest are 3, 2, 1 and the 6th due Feb 3rd. These little girls keep everyone busy. The older two are teens, a senior and college sophomore. I work mornings part time so that I am available to take my mom to her doctors appointments and watch the littles when my daughter needs someone. Not sure how I am going to fit going to the gym into this schedule but I will be working on a solution for that with a goal of getting to the gym at least three days a week for starters. I will be exercising at the senior center which is something I have never done before another reason I'm not sure how it is going to work out. I have another bet with a different website that ends in the middle of May with a very large jackpot. I really want to win that. Lord willing, I will be able to work out all these details during the first few weeks of January.

Faith Girl

06/05/2018 8:28AM
It was just confirmed that I won my 6 month transformer game. I lost 10% of my weight. PTL! Twenty -five more to go. Gotta get it off before I turn 60 in March. My goal is to be healthy and fit by 60!

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Ursula M.

Well done Faith! I just won my Transformer today and will be 60 in April.


You can do it!! Congratulations!

Pamala L.

06/04/2018 8:41AM
OMG-I can not believe I've reached my goal with 4 days to spare. I am so pumped now, I'm really feeling good, enthusiastic and so much more motivated to make my goal-of 40 lbs lost by 11/1/18, short goal is 20 lbs by 7/29/18 for my San Fran/Napa trip. Woo Hoo!!

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Jan W.


Ursula M.

Brilliant! Just don't celebrate too hard before the official weigh in ;)

karen e.

06/01/2018 6:15PM
Hello, I'm very motivated since I signed up for my first kickstarter! I've put on 50 lbs over the last 3 years. Would drop some before a vacation and put it back on and then some when we returned. I have had some tough times in the past two years and used that as an excuse to eat and drink more. Gave up exercising for the most part too! One thing I never gave up on was hope...I still have my favorite clothes from six sizes ago (so I'd have them when I lost the weight!) Now, I've decided to pack them up and donate. I might keep one pair of jeans in each size towards my goal as a measuring stick!

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