To have a flat belly. I want to be strong and healthy, but mostly I want to look in the mirror and have my lower belly be completely flat.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Yogurt with Grape Nuts

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weights, HIIT

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eating mindfully and paying attention to hunger and fullness. Started IF to break a plateau.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Mayo Clinic Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Samsung Health

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $778.11

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Ashton Y.

about 9 hours ago in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I'm about a pound and a half away from having lost 100 pounds (over time, not during this game) but I'm so proud and excited! Planning a new tattoo to commemorate!

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That's awesome!

Elizabeth M.


LeAnn R.

10/22/2020 5:58AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I could use some help/advice.... I'm really struggling. I'm making very poor choices in my eating. I use myfitnesspal, and I pretty consistently go over lately. I'm still keeping up with exercise, but the calories are killing me. Every weigh in is a struggle. I goof off until five or six days before weigh in, then I have to be very restrictive. Which leads to me goofing off worse after weigh in. I'm in a couple of long term games, which means I have to weigh in about every two weeks. But still, this pattern of bad week/good week is stressing me out.

So I'm looking for suggestions to get yourself back on track. Holidays are coming, and I'm terrified.....

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Kasha Y.

Take it one day at a time. Whenever I get off track I take each day as it comes-set some rules for myself (they’re personal to me, I don’t follow anyone else’s plan) and remind myself that today is the first day I’m eating healthy (again.) For me, getting through the first few days is hardest then it becomes a “normal” cycle of eating healthy again.

I’m there right now. I haven’t lost anything this month, I don’t need to for the game but I need to for myself. My husband left for a detachment (he’s in the military) so he’s gone for a few weeks and I haven’t been cooking, which has led to poor choices. I set some ground rules for myself and I’m committed to them through Thanksgiving Day, and this is what has worked for me. Finally back on track...hope this helps, good luck!

Danika W.

Start with little steps. Like committing to 3 stop eating at 7 pm, or skipping sugar for the day. For me, my goal this week is to limit eating between 11am and 7pm. It's helping.

Meenakshi L.

10/13/2020 9:40AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Hey everyone.....just 2 weeks left for the next's everything going ?!

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Kasha Y.

I’ve been struggling...I’m fine for the game weight, but I had my weekend of indulgences...then hubby convinced me to make the second meal I’d planned to make over the weekend on Monday. That lasted through today, except he wanted to do our monthly takeout last night because he’s going on a work trip for 2 weeks on Friday. So...the weekend turned into 5 days of indulgence. Tomorrow I am FOR SURE back to it, I don’t really think I’ve gained more than maybe a pound but I don’t feel good and I’m retaining water. Need to move in the right direction!

Ruth H.

Finished a kickstarter last week and having a hard time getting back on track after my splurge days. Gonna make my weigh in this month, but it’s not my final goal so I need to stay focused!

Willians B.

10/12/2020 10:18AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
  • To celebrade Thanks Giving in Canada, today it was 35 min of exercises at home by including at least 28 burpees and a bunch os mountain climber, squats, jumping jacks, etc

    Then, more 10 min jumping jacks by bulyjuice

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Is Canadian Thanksgiving like in the U.S. where we usually eat till we're stuffed and then collapse on the couch?

Willians B.

Normally yes. This year nobody is inviting, so no big lunchs or dinners

Trinice S.

10/10/2020 9:28AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • 197 to 169

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Woohoo! You look great!

Caitlin W.

Best part is your smile! Way to go!


10/08/2020 4:46PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Not a dramatic before / after, because I had already been losing weight since December. But this was the pair of pants I wanted very badly. This is from when I bought them at the end of April (too tight to wear yet) to this week. I wear them every day now and have been watching for another pair in the next size down for the future. Don't give up on things that matter to you!

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10/08/2020 6:13AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win A Peloton!
My dress pants are too big. One part of me: omgomgomg! Another part of me: ugh with all this wfh I didn't even get to wear them ... The practical side of weight loss :)

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Lol, I bought a jacket to look more professional when we went back to in-person work, but we haven't yet and it's too big!

Caitlin W.

Can you get them taken in?? Way to go!

Lynda B.

10/08/2020 5:59AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I'm a little ambivalent on the weight I reached today. Today I hit the weight I was the first time I freaked out in high school about being fat. While I'm thrilled that I've lost a total of 50 pounds since finding DietBet, the actual number is weirdly tangled in my brain, and it's bringing up a lot about how unhealthy my relationship with food and weight used to be. Which is weird, because I think of myself as somebody who doesn't care about body image. I think processing this is going to be more of a challenge that I expected. But 50 pounds is 50 pounds, right?

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Steven S.

You should be proud that you lost the weight, and more importantly, that you’ve taken control of your actions and are on the opposite lifestyle of high school. You should celebrate your tenacity and discipline!


Celebrate your achievement! Think too about how different life is as an adult. When you were in high school you probably didn't have nearly as much control over your life as you do now. You have power, options, and skills you didn't have as a teen.

Alexis S.

10/07/2020 2:21PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • The picture on the right was from before I found diet bet. My face is what shows the weight loss best! The transformer challenge has Wally taught me to eat healthy and to be consistent with exercise! I am never going back! Anyone have any good advice to tighten skin back?

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I use a loofah liberally and use Amlactin lotion that is supposed to rejuvenate the skin / increase cell turnover. Right now it's not keeping up with my weight loss, but then I'm almost 55. I think exercise and healthy eating help our skin too, so keep that going!

Aimee G.

You look great!! I have loose skin on my neck I would love to know how to tighten too.

Amanda B

10/07/2020 4:40AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
DietBet isn't showing me my Points. Is anyone else having the problem? I'm freaking a little bit because I had been saving my payouts from the year.

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Biking Syl

Also check if points have been used for Stepbet, Runbet, or Waybetter games.

Amanda B

I actually did that this morning, and I logged in on different devices too. I just got home from work and thankfully my points are back!
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