To have a flat belly. I want to be strong and healthy, but mostly I want to look in the mirror and have my lower belly be completely flat.

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Favorite Health Food: Yogurt with Grape Nuts

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate cake from Treebeard's

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Barre on Beachbody on Demand

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat mindfully, attention to hunger/ fullness. No emotional eating. IF / low carb to break plateaus.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Mayo Clinic Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Samsung Health

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $959.91

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08/06/2021 11:03AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I have hit my November goal, now I just need to maintain it. We will be moving states at the end of the month and the desire to stress eat is no joke, but so far I’m hanging in there!

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Vegan Dad

Congrats! You got this!


Focus on plans for maintaining and what coping strategies you'll use instead of food for stress, holidays, birthdays, etc. Congrats!

Natale P.

08/05/2021 1:14PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
I am more hungry than usual today. Thought you all should know that.

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I know the feeling yesterday I was wanting a 3 musketeers but I talked myself out of it :sweat_smile:

Tricia B.

Honestly, one of the best posts I’ve ever read on a DietBet. :smiley:


08/04/2021 1:25PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
I lost this round. It's been a crazy few months. Keep at it everyone. We can do this.

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Kathy G.

bummer you didn't make it this round, but look at how you can tweak things and refocus to achieve your health goals. You can do it!! :)


Me too, and yes we can!


08/03/2021 7:05PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Round 2 has now been finalized! Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner and the $40.01 will be added to your rolling winnings for this game. At the end of the game, all of the winnings you've accumulated from each round will be added to your Account Credits.

As promised, here are the top player titles in Round 2. Drum roll, please...
- Overall MVP: Eve R.
- Most Liked Player: Vegan Dad
- Most Generous Liker: Kristen R
- Most Liked Comment: "It’s my birthday AND I met the first goal 💃" by Emily L.

Good luck reaching your goal of 8% in Round 3!

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Shoot, usually when I'm winning the early rounds of a transformer the amounts are $18 to 22! :-/ Gotta get my butt in gear!

Tracey U.

08/01/2021 10:11AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Do I have to submit a weigh-in to move to round 3 if I’m not going to win round 2? Was almost there, but then overnight I “gained” 4 pounds due to the start of my cycle and hormones. It’s amazing how much that actually plays in for me. I know it’s not a real weight gain and will disappear in a couple days, but I feel like weighing in and claiming it isn’t a positive mental move for me. Want to continue to round 3 because I was doing so well…

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Erin G.

Agree with everyone, tons of water, take some Advil or Motrin and try an early morning cardio workout!!!


Yes wait and weigh tomorrow! I weighed the exact same as last week and decided to submit because I know I’m gonna gain a pound or two due to my cycle he next few days! Good luck and “don’t sweat it” (or do, lol) but you can continue on as far as I understand!


07/29/2021 4:00AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Hi all! I’ve been reading and cheering you all on from the sidelines. It’s pretty clear I won’t make my weight goal this month and I’m so disappointed. I lost two weeks of exercising due to a minor medical procedure. Between that and menopause (!), I am struggling. Hope to be back in gear soon.

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I'm still floundering. Trying to tweak some behaviors to be ready for the next one.


Thanks all! Am trying intermittent fasting to see how that goes.

Vegan Dad

07/24/2021 3:23AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • I made it! ONEderland!!!

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Congratulations! You crossed that line!

Kathy G.

That’s awesome! Congrats!

Vegan Dad

07/22/2021 2:18AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • One of my daughters is turning 5 today. Since I started diet bet in January, I have already celebrated 3 birthdays including my own. It works like this, I am careful-ish about my food choices, and I always choose to partake in (a small-sih slice) of cake because it makes me feel more included in the celebration. None of those days derailed my progress or set me back by any noticeable amount. This 4th birthday will be no different. My nutrition has been looking good since I started tracking it about a week ago. From my experience a week of on-plan days cancels out an off-plan day. Below is a screenshot from Chronometer showing the daily averages of my macros and 8 highlighted targets (I hand selected). Posting for accountability. Anyway, looking at my numbers Omega-3 has to come up or Omega 6 has to go down, going into a day with snacks like hippeas and cake isn’t going to help that, just going to make a mental note of that and let the day begin!

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I think I need to find a new way to celebrate our birthdays. My husband doesn't really like cake anyway, but I feel like I have to put a candle on something! And for mine, it becomes an excuse to splurge. I just haven't sat down and thought out an alternative yet.


07/20/2021 12:02PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • I ran my first half marathon this past Sunday!! Got a time of 2:30:55. Super proud, a feat that would have seemed absolutely impossible a few years ago, and now I’m already planning my next one!

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Congrats! I want to do that someday!


Awesome! And with full lipstick to boot! Love it!

Kristen R

07/19/2021 4:38AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Happy Monday, everyone! Less than 2 weeks left in Round 2. How's everyone doing? I personally need to make sure I stay focused during the remaining time.

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Heather N.

I had company in town. Not a great week last week, but back on track today!

Vegan Dad

Happy Tuesday, I have surpassed my round 2 goal and I'm almost at round 3. I'm feeling really great about my diet, workout schedule and progress!
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