Because I'm currently WAY too "sexy" for all of my shirts. And by "sexy," I mean "fat." :)

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Favorite Health Food: Eggs

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weights & Martial Arts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat less, move more.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Nokia Health Mate

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

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01/02/2020 7:31AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame 34 #TheFatalorian
I have no tattoos. Also, I like boobs.

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My man!


Did you see Andrea's mug? Talk about boobs! LOL
Steve accepted the challenge.
01/02/2020 7:28AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame 34 #TheFatalorian
The pot is now $5,940

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Welcome back to the kingdom Steve!!!


12/22/2019 7:19AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • This is my “let’s START Christmas shopping today” look. Let’s DO THIS!

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You can come to my bedside with that face. #NoXmasWrappingNeeded

Stef P.

This is usually me. But I have an online shipping addiction now so I started in August :joy:


12/22/2019 7:17AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • My WiFi scale data since 2013. Alternated small loss / big gain every other year until 2017. Now I’m trying to make 2019 the third year in a row that I’ve lost weight... and I am hanging on by half a pound with a lot of parties in front of me. Baby Yoda save me!

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Jen P.

12/21/2019 1:32PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • In honor of my hometown team beating the Patriots week before last...Chiefs!!!

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Oh Jen... Cowboys, you are breaking my heart!!!


Huh. That’s weird. Gisele Bundchën called me Patrick Mahomes in bed last week, too.


12/18/2019 8:53AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #WorkflowWednesday: Sometimes my business is about protection... but far more often it’s about destruction. And business is GOOD. ;)

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That's my favorite day, too.


12/18/2019 6:44AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • Apparently Amazon has this feature called "Recommendations for You" based on your previous purchase history. I screen-capped two of the suggestions and am highly amused by what Amazon calls "Women's Apparel" and "Team Sports."

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Um Steve, what kind of purchases have you made that would make Amazon recommend these?! :laughing:


I feel gipped. No recommendations for me - though I’m sure they’d be boring. :shrug:


12/11/2019 12:40PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #WackyWednesday - On my photo roll because I am a massive Star Wars nerd who adores Baby Yoda. I’ve seen all 10 Star Wars movies in their original releases in movie theaters (in two countries).

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  • The look I give to my food


This is the Way.


12/11/2019 12:37PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #WackyWednesday - taken Dec 3.

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The names Bougie. James Bougie.


12/11/2019 12:13PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #WackyWednesday - Taken Oct 17.

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