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Snap back into it

03/07/2017 7:58AM
Good morning everyone,
I have a kettle ball at home and would love to start using it in more of my lifestyle change journey. Does anyone have any kettle ball workout suggestions?

Mary D.

Look up certified kettlebell trainers. Tracy Reifkind, Lauren Brooks, Anthony DiLuglio; there are many many more but those are a few off the top of my head. One of my favorite workouts is Art of Strength Providence. There is also a good kettlebell program on Daily Burn.


01/12/2016 9:13AM
Kettlebell workout update. I returned from my business trip with a bad cold. It's most likely gonna hang on for awhile, but feeling a little better yesterday and I set my mind to start my Kettlebell routine. I woke up at 5 am and did my entire beginners workout. Let me see if I can remember all the moves.
8 kettleball swings with both arms
8 kettleball swings with one arm - then switch arms
8 Cleans on each arm
8 "something I can't remember the name of" on each arm
8 Jerks on each arm
8 squats on each side
Then you repeat the whole thing again
Then stretch - cool down

It was very hard for me to do this routine. I am a little slower then the instructor and I was totally out of breath and sweating like no other. I felt good and proud of myself for completing it. My arms are hurting now. I can't wait to do this again!

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12/27/2015 10:46AM
Hello. I signed up for this forum because I picked Kettlebells as the exercise I am going to try for the New Year. I am pretty much inactive with the exception of my 30 mintue walk at lunch time. I know I need to add some more activity and have picked this one to try. I did research and purchased a beginner kettlebell video workout and a 15 lb. and 20 lb. kettlebell. I will check in and let you know how it is going in the next week or so.

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Mary lynn

Every other day with the walking should really help you tone. And being sore is a good thing! Keep it up, your insiring me to go do a few swings or squats


03/27/2015 7:40AM

I joined Dietbet yesterday with two games that started this week.

I purchased a 5lb kettlbell and I did squats and swinging last night.

Anyone have any suggestions for good kettlebell workouts? Should I get a second kettlebell?

Good luck to all!


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Take a look at Tracy riefkind on YouTube. She has a bunch of videos that will teach you the kettle bell swing. You'll want a heavier bell pretty quickly. Skip right up to 15 or 18 lbs.


I just jumped back in and joined 3 dietbets this weekend. They all started today. I lost ten lbs on my first diet bet but I have gained 8 lbs back.

I plan on started to swing this week and get back into it. I have a 5lb kettle bell.

Thank you for checking up on me and for the link!


03/19/2015 8:30AM
380 swings this morning, using Riefkind dvd. About 25 minutes worth, 20 swings per minute including rest, plus some rest in between parts.

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03/15/2015 4:04PM
Just starting dietbet on 3/18. Wanting to get into a regular kettlebell routine - I mostly do swings, but am adding in some other things as well.


03/12/2015 2:44PM
I just started using kettle bells today. I am using Kettlebell Simple and Sinister as a guide for my workout. I am just learning about how to swing the bell. Day one went pretty well. :)

Question for you - Do you use the kettle bells daily ? Or several times a week? Just curious...

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I aim at every other day with a day off on the weekend, so 3 days a week. Right now I am doing couch to 5k training on the off days. Hopefully this will get my plateaued loss moving.


02/27/2015 6:04AM
I been doing Skogg's System kettlebell workout for 5 months and I am now doing
virtual skogg's. I have gone from swinging 5lbs to 25lbs and it is so different from doing cardio as my base. I have lost 13" around my breast and my shoulders and arms are looking great. The last time I lost weight I did cardio as my base and lifting weights lightly 2x a week and my legs and hips shrank faster.
I feel more even with the kettlebells. I love it and found a 5x5 program for kettlebells. how are you swinging?

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