Jillian Michaels Workout Junkies

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05/30/2018 1:19PM
I need that Cross Trainer! I pray I win 😊❤👍


05/29/2018 5:19AM
I have been a follower of JM since around the 3rd year of BL. I just joined Dietbet, and haven't joined in challenges yet. I'm looking forward to the support.


05/27/2018 7:45AM
I also just signed up to do the JM DietBet! A little confused on how all this works with the extra prizes.


05/21/2018 4:00AM
I am part of the FB group too..and I just sign up to JM DietBet!

Miss B

03/19/2018 5:38PM
I'm glad I found you guys. I started body revolution today.

Devon M.

03/06/2018 6:51AM
Hi All, I started body revolution a month ago and I really love it. I am now on week five but I decided to redo weeks 3/4 because I can barely get through them. And this week I’m finding it so hard to push through the same workouts I’ve been able to crush the past two weeks. I feel like I just don’t have the energy which is weird because I felt so energize up until last week. Has anyone else experienced this? I was thinking making I’m lacking adequate protein, but I’m not sure.


11/14/2017 9:23AM
Just started Body Revolution; anyone else doing that program?


I still have the DVDs. I had to put it on hold for about 2 weeks after I aggravated an old neck injury. But, now I'm jumping back into month 2! How do you like it?


10/25/2017 6:10AM
Looking for that next DietBet? Join me and my tribe at Nakina's Healthy for the Holidays http://dbet.me/xEARzi
Feel free to share and remember The More The Merrier! Let's get through this together and share recipes, tips, or just motivate each other!! JOIN NOW!!!!

Hannah B.

03/15/2016 11:25AM
This doesn't seem to be a very active community. Anyone else here doing The Biggest Loser workout, "Power Sculpt?"

I began a 10% challenge yesterday, am currently quite out of shape, and plan to this workout at lunchtime at least 5x/week, along with whatever additional activity I can fit in (like a morning/evening 7-minute workout with my preschooler).
It starts out as a 5+20+5 warmup/workout/cooldown for phase 1, then adds 10 minutes of a more intense workout at week 2, and another 10 minutes at week 4.
I hope to add some running in after this first 6 weeks, and either continue 2 more weeks of this video with heavier weights, or switch it up with another workout.

I'm also using the 6-week aggressive menu from Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live plan (lowfat, high nutrient vegan).

Happy Sweating!

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10/27/2015 4:33PM
I'm about 10 days away from completing phase 1 of JM Body Revolution. Can anyone talk to what it was like moving from phase 1 to phase 2 then to phase 3? I don't want to lose motivation, but the next phases are running through Christmas and I know it's going to be a struggle keeping up since I'll be spending time with family over the holidays.