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October 11, 2015
by - 10/11/2015 11:44AM

Entered DietBet for first time ever today so this will be a learning experience for sure.  As soon a... Read More ›

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Go Time
by - 03/19/2018 9:47PM

Here I am after my cousin introduced this site w/me.  We are doing this together, I'm the oldest and... Read More ›

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I really mean it this time!
by - 03/14/2016 2:55PM

Hello out there! CONFESSION: I DON'T OWN A FITBIT. However will I manage?!? SO, I think this modest ... Read More ›

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BBL - with Leandro...
by - 03/20/2015 7:50AM

Hi, after long workouts with jillian (Shred, Body Revolution) i have found the workouts from Beachbo... Read More ›

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October 17th
by - 10/17/2015 6:06PM

Good grief! Only my 2nd workout since starting this Bet. Did BFBM, and my diaphragm was hurting by t... Read More ›

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My new diet blog ?
by - 07/16/2014 11:50AM

Uh, it's a new possibility this blog? Nice, i like it. But i think i'm the only that will read this.... Read More ›

after holiday....
by - 07/05/2016 7:14AM

After 2 weeks relaxing and very good food in Istria i'm back home. And with me 4 kg of fat, i think.... Read More ›

The Start of something new/My Journey towards Health Again
by - 07/27/2016 3:05PM

Hello everyone this is the very first time writing a blog :)  But i really wanted to get something o... Read More ›