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12/26/2017 1:00PM
  • Hello everyone! I just started a Vegan Kickstarter for the New Year! It starts on January 1st! Come join in on the fun and share recipes and support with other plant-powered friends! :) Here's the link:


11/20/2017 12:05PM
New vegetarian, anyone else here who follows Primal Vegetarian à la Mark’s Daily Apple?


11/10/2017 12:43PM
Ciao a tutti,

One of my students asked me yesterday how I could be so fat when I am a vegetarian. After 20 years, you'd think I'd have gotten used to that question. I'm new here and will be starting a bet next week. This weekend's goal is to clean out my fridge!


Vladka L.

My lovely colleague really said me front of everybody that you can not see on me that I am vegetarian. He knew that I am working hard on my body. People are sometimes stupid. Good luck!

Adrienne P.

I always tell people that chocolate is vegetarian. hahaha

Mama Bear

11/04/2017 9:28AM
Hey all! I started a Plant-based challenge here:

I will be sharing lots of plant-based recipes and meal planning tips! For vegans, vegetarians, and omnis interested in plant-based meals. <3


09/15/2017 1:25PM
Helloo! :D

I think the group is not very active but, I just wanted to say that my skin look glorious after 1 week withour eating meat, milk and eggs! :D yay!

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I wish I could give up the dairy, but I've been Ovo-lacto for 20 years.

Kim vegan

07/23/2017 9:58AM
  • I created a $35 Kickstarter called "Vegan Friends" - here's the invitation-only link:

    It starts on Monday, July 31st (weigh-in over Sat-Sun, July 29-30th).

    I'd like to invite any future vegans to join - we want a DietBet game that is animal cruelty-free. I request that if you join as a vegetarian, please refrain from posting or discussing recipes or meals with any animal products (including fish, dairy, eggs, etc.).

    Thanks - and I hope you'll consider joining!

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Vladka L.

och, wow! I am sad, that I missed that.

Kristal J.

12/30/2016 6:30PM
I just placed a new bet today. I need something to jumpstart my weight loss once again. After losing 80 lbs, I have slowly gained roughly 20 lbs back. I would feel comfortable losing about 15 lbs and keeping it off. I know it's possible. I just have to get started. Looking forward to crushing this first bet of the new year.

Ticia DeVargas

01/05/2016 8:41AM
Hello All, Just want to say Hi! I'm new here, and to the vegetarian thing. Its been 3 months now, but i'm going strong.

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Abundant Steph

Don't stop! Pinterest made the transition pretty seamless for me a few years back.

Betsy C.

12/17/2015 6:49PM
hi everyone! I am so glad that I found this group. I've been a vegetarian for more than 20 years. Cant wait to connect with dietbetters!

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Marie K.

11/20/2015 9:00AM
Hello! Just joined my 1st DietBet this week and I'm so happy to find vegetarian group :) I've been Vegan or Vegetarian for the last 2 year.