Equestrians Quest: Ultimate Under Saddle Fitness Exercise Initiative

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09/18/2019 9:50PM
Hi Everyone
I'm new to this and used to love riding until I had 3 kids! Now I need to get back in shape and ride when they are at school!


12/14/2017 6:33AM
  • Hey there everyone here to help keep the group alive :) Just hit less than 20% of my horses weight and I'm officially ok'd to ride :) hurray. Ok sooo how is everyone else?

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10/23/2017 11:03AM
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Peggy L

10/03/2017 6:29PM
Would love to see more equestrians posting here! Let's keep this group alive! :)

Jen B.

07/30/2017 8:39PM
Hi there - I love showing but haven't been able to squeeze into my gear for a couple of years now, and I refuse to buy a larger size. Consequently, my beautiful riding horse has been a paddock ornament for far too long. It makes me feel so guilty every time I look out of the window (though I'm sure he thinks it's a wonderful arrangement really, haha) :) I'm determined to be back out competing by the end of the year. No excuses!

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Jen B.

  • Thanks so much Peggy! I'm in New Zealand - the show season here runs from October/November to April. My aim is to get my boy out for at least a few outings during that time. I've also got this ex-racehorse girl to start but she is so dainty that I simply will not get on board until I am a more reasonable weight. I need to lose at least 20 pounds before I'd be happy riding her.

Peggy L

Beautiful!!! That's awesome, Jen! The girl who has taken care of my horses for decades is my bff. She has three stables and over a dozen horses of her own that I can ride any time. They go Western, and I guess that's OK to start and just trail ride. I ride English, but can go Western, even tried sidesaddle LOL. Hope to get another English boy, would love a Fresian. BTW, I'm in the USA, east coast. Hope to chat again. Keep up the good work! Hey, back in the saddle soon! :)

Peggy L

07/26/2017 8:32AM
Hello! I was an avid equestrian before I had a serious auto accident several years ago. I used to compete in Eventing (English dressage, stadium jumping, cross country jumping), trail/pleasure ride, and drive my horses. One of my major fitness goals is to start riding again this year. I need to drop another 30 lbs. and continue my fitness journey before I feel like I'm strong enough and my center of gravity won't be off and I'll be safe to ride again. So excited to find this group! I just finished a Kickstarter and Won it and I also started a Transformer game at the same time, just Won Rounds 1 and 2!

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06/03/2017 5:10PM
I'm new to dietbet and decided it would be a good idea to get more connected with others with similar interests if I am going to make this work. I have 2 pasture ornaments that have been trained, but I have not been working with because of my weight (low energy levels) and stress at work. I made some changes at work and joined dietbet and Parellisavvyclub at the same time. I ride western for trail rides.

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01/07/2016 5:28PM
Has anyone read this? I'm thinking that it will be my reward to myself after I win this dietbet. (Yes, I'm feeling pretty confident these days) :D


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Peggy L

That looks awesome, Myrgthe!!! I just added it to my Amazon Wish List :) I am currently doing crunches and leg lifts for core/abdominal strengthening, but need to move on to more challenging exercise as my muscles get stronger. That has always been my problem area. Thanks for posting!


12/10/2015 1:08AM
hi everyone! I decided its time to make it a bit easier for my horses to carry me :) wish me luck please! :)

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Carrie O.

Good luck! Glad you joined!

Peggy L

Good luck, Sine! We're all in this together! :)

Wendy C.

10/24/2015 7:46PM
🐎Are your chaps or breeches fitting a bit snug?
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🐎Do you feed your equine better nutrition than you feed yourself?
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