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Erin V

10/15/2019 6:54AM
Good morning Ketoers! Today is day 65 of my keto journey and it is going so well! I added walking 10,000 steps to my routine this week 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. The scale wasn't moving for 6 days and it started becoming discouraging, but just yesterday I lost 1 lbs in 2 days, so the hard work paid off finally!!! How is your week going so far? Share any victories, it is so motivational! KCKO

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I started Keto and Dietbet the same day! Lost 7 pounds (prob water weight) first week and I became a member! I try not to weigh myself more than 1x/wk because there are daily fluctuations and I get easily frustrated....staying on plan is so HARD! I'm GF but miss my grains. =(