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Katie S.

03/04/2020 9:36AM
Hey Keto People!

I've done keto several times as a diet plan, but I'm not a full-time keto-er. Overall, I think keto can be a very healthy way of eating for most people. I've been in ketosis for a little over a week and just had my yearly bloodwork and measurements done for blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting glucose. I am happy to report that my measurements were all considerably good, except for my LDL/Total Cholesterol being a little elevated (hello, saturated fats). I know LDL isn't necessarily related to risk of heart disease, and because my overall cholesterol ratios are good I was given a good bill of health. My results are below, and for reference I am a 29 year old female with a BMI of about 23-24:

Blood Pressure: 90/61 (normal range is < 120/80)
Total Cholesterol: 216 (normal range is 125 to 199)
HDL: 74 (normal female range is > 50)
LDL: 131 (normal range is < 100)
Total Chol/HDL Ratio: 2.9 (normal range is < 5.0)
Non-HDL Chol: 142 (normal range is < 130)
Triglycerides: 53 (normal range is < 150)
Fasting Glucose: 76 (normal range is 65 to 99)

So, what is everyone else's experience with keto and biometric readings? I'm assuming that since this is a keto group, no one here has had negative health effects from the diet or they wouldn't be following it. Twice now I've had overall "healthier" results (with the exception of LDL) while on keto than when I am eating a more typical, but still healthy diet. Has anyone else experienced the same? What about doctor's concerns with your diet? I've had doctors that did not raise an eyebrow when I mention keto, and I've also had doctors tell me how I'm basically asking for cardiovascular issues, even with my health being considerably good.

Very curious to hear other's experience with biometric readings and doctor's advice/input on the lifestyle!

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Yvette M.

Hi Katie,

I haven't had bloodwork done since I've been in ketosis, so I don't have those numbers to compare. I've been in ketosis steadily now since January 27th (I've been off and on keto for years). This is probably the most consistent I've been with measuring my ketones. Even though I don't have bloodwork I can tell you that being on keto has alleviated the symptoms I've had from autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and morphea) and fibromyalgia. I just saw my Rheumatologist on Monday the 2nd and he was very impressed with the progress I've made since seeing him last in August 2019. I told him I was doing keto and he said that's great, keep up the good work. My blood pressure was 111/79, and I'm 47 years old. I have more energy and less pain and fatigue than I've had in years. I'm feeling like myself again and am amazed. I follow a clean keto diet and always think of what veggies I can eat first and then build my meals around whatever low carb veggie I choose.

Katie S.

Yvette, thanks for sharing your experience. I am so glad to hear that the keto lifestyle is improving your health so much, that's amazing! I think your approach is very smart. People often try and write off vegetables from the diet because they are carbohydrates and I think that will certainly lead to health issues. Honestly I eat more veggies when I am keto than when I am not, because I also have to plan my meals around them!

Wishing you the best in your continued keto health journey! :)