The Night Life!

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10/18/2017 10:30AM
Our game has just started Its called "Scrambled Legs & Achin'" Come join us bet $20 and get that 4% off in 4 weeks!! You still have plenty of time to join a supportive, motivational game with some amazing people! We are 4 months strong and not stopping there! 4% is enough to push yourself in the right direction and get that weightloss journey on a downward slope as in the weight going down!!!! We have prizes!!!!!!!! I love motivating and want to make the game more fun and personal and motivating...Invite your friends!!

Connie W.

01/09/2017 12:50AM
I'm a dispatcher for Lubbock Fire Rescue. I work the midnight shift. I also work days at an in-home daycare. It's so easy to munch mindlessly on slow call nights. Or when it's busy! I find that if I pre-plan my meals and snacks it helps a lot. I keep mostly healthy snacks in my locker, but I have a few splurge items in there for my most desperate moments. I have banished myself from trips down the hall to the candy and coke machines! If I eat only what I bring with me it helps me stay in control.

Mindy B.

01/03/2017 2:22PM
Hi trying to have healthy diet during night shift. One of my downfalls is too many lattes! using myfitnesspal and carbcyling with chris and heidi. I was able to lose 20 last time but gained all but 4 back. I have about 100 to go. Any tips will be appreciated. My win for the week. eating berries for a snack when i usually go for sweets. :)


10/31/2016 4:15AM
Heya! I'm a night shifter, and my body hates it lol. But I do think that night shifters are able to push harder than the normal day-shift types! I just joined a Transformer game that starts tomorrow, and I am wondering if any of you guys are currently participating in any games?

Susan S.

01/18/2016 4:21PM
And some yoga, especially for the nocturnal...

Susan S.

01/18/2016 3:39PM
Sigh...if only all this info was available when I first started "the night life"!

Susan S.

01/17/2016 3:25PM
Make over your fridge -

Susan S.

01/17/2016 1:57PM
This one, too!

Susan S.

01/17/2016 1:55PM
Another good coping with off shift work article:

Susan S.

01/17/2016 7:41AM
Welcome Jag! How is your month going so far?