100+ lbs to lose

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08/12/2017 1:50AM
Well hello fellow diet betters. I am new to the site. Thinking about starting this week. What do I have to lose except pounds. ;) I have a long way to go to be considered healthy. Hope to see all of you on my journey! Good luck!


08/02/2017 5:16AM
This challenge is a great way to start kicking those stubborn pounds! Come join Haste Grows Your Waist to lose 4% with positive support and prizes!


07/26/2017 5:32PM
Yes! I have about 150 pounds to lose..

Rebecca B.

05/01/2017 2:52PM

Rebecca B.

03/02/2017 3:10AM
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Connie W.

01/09/2017 12:37AM
I have plantar fasciitis which makes it hard to walk sometimes. In fact it's hard to do a lot of exercises when you can't be on your feet. I'm hoping through proper nutrition I can lose a lot of my weight which should in turn make it easier to walk. I'm hoping it will be a snowball effect!


07/23/2016 7:06PM
Hello everyone, I'm new to diet bet! I'm starting a Jump start on Monday and Transformer on Tuesday. Hoping the first one helps me get started and the other one helps me keep going with it. I'm about 42lbs down from my highest weight, but have about another 112lbs to go to get to my goal weight...not sure if that will be a good weight though, might still have 20-30more to go after that. Just working on getting to the next pound lower, pound by pound. What do you guys use for diet? I don't like the idea of eliminating something entirely...trying to do calorie counting, portion control, mild exercise. What works for you? How do you keep motivated on such a long journey?

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Carole J.

I'm eating low G.I. and low carb to help with lowering my blood sugar (yes, I have diabetes) and weight. Low carb seems to work for me. As for exercise I have a back injury and walking is all I can manage so my dog is reaping the benefits of more frequent walks. There are days where I've had to take it one day at a time; heck, even one hr at a time. That's awesome you're starting a Transformer. I'm in 2 right now and they're actually one of the reasons I keep motivated. I love the weekly official weigh ins. They keep me on top of my food intake and activity. I've found 4 weeks too long to go without an official weigh in and lost focus easily. Now that I'm in Transformers I hope it will help me in this Kickstarter.


07/22/2016 9:40AM
Hi fellow betters! I'm new on here and will be starting my 100lb+ journey. I've decided I've had enough of being unhappy and mainly unhealthy! Good luck everyone xx

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Carole J.

I'm tired of not living. I've just been marking time. I'm tired of being on the sidelines instead of in the thick of the action. I can't do the fun things my family does because of my weight. I can't run and play with my grandkids and great granddaughter. It's boring on the sidelines! I'm tired of being chronically depressed and hating myself. I'm tired of "I can'ts" and want some "I cans" for a change. Living in fear of falling keeps me from a lot of things. At my age falling can be bad. I think it's fantastic that the two of you in this group are doing something about your weight while you're still young instead of waiting until you're my age! Good luck to the both of you!

Carole J.

07/22/2016 9:02AM
Thanks for the add. I have already lost 64 lbs on my own and on different Dietbet games and still have 100 to 110 lbs left to lose. I'm currently in 2 Transformers. I had previously joined only Kickstarters and to be honest they made me crazy. I wasn't all that diligent for 3 of the 4 weeks then would really buckle down to reach my goal and barely squeak by to win. I didn't take them seriously and would always gain after they ended. Since I joined the 2 Transformers right after my last Kickstarter (with Heidi and Chris) ended I think I finally get it. I have to weigh in officially every week (that was my choice by buying the tokens) and be accountable and I've learned to stop my previous habit of attempting a sprint in my last week. Now that I'm accountable every week and will continue to be until my birthday in Dec. when my second Transformer ends I stay on top of my eating and walking. So far in the first 4 weeks of my first Transformer I've steadily lost each week and am down 12.4 lb in 4 weeks. I'm one lb away from my round 2 goal. I joined this Kickstarter to keep my momentum going knowing that I will be submitting official weigh ins each week in my 2 other games so it will keep me from messing around with my eating...and I LOVE Chris and Heidi Powell!

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Ally sent high five


I've seen Chris and Heidi a lot on extreme weight loss and really liked them so picked their challenge tos tart with. So, you would recommend to do the tokens with transformer challenges?

Carole J.

Yes, if you need the weekly accountability like I do. I know we can unofficially weigh in on the Kickstarters but it's just not the same. I need accountability. If I didn't I'd probably weigh a lot less.