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05/12/2018 9:44AM
Hi guys, I love Myfitnesspal and have it connected with my GearFit2 and LOVE how I can track everything together. I lost about 50 lbs a little over two years ago, but with a move, I went back to old habits and regained plus some. I am back down about 20 lbs and doing the FatGirlFedUp Diet Bets. Finally won a bet, but losing the current one. Not letting that stop me. I am exercising more than ever and eating better so I know I'm back on track!! Feel free to find me on Myfinesspal or Facebook under Frownsatpounds or Instagram and help cheer me on. My goal is to lose at least 100 pounds without medicine or surgery!!

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I'm adding you! it helps me to see others' progress!