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Weightloss updates
by - 10/01/2014 7:28AM

Starting weight:  161.8 Current weight:  143.8 Ultimate goal weight: 135   I am so excited this morn... Read More ›

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10 Tips to Stop Boredom Eating
by - 04/22/2015 12:48PM

"I'm so bored these cookies will amuse me."   No they won't. Not really. Those cookies will take y... Read More ›

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Dr. Office - My new friend :)
by - 04/15/2015 1:14PM

So, we all hate the DREADFULL weigh-in at the doctors office...but I was plesantly surprised today! ... Read More ›

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The space between the steering wheel and me.
by - 02/27/2015 5:37AM

Today as I was driving into work I realized I had this big grin on my face as I played with the spac... Read More ›

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by - 04/30/2015 9:16AM

I think I found the exercise I can't do without.  I been working through the c25k program and I am l... Read More ›

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Beth's weight loss Journey
by - 01/24/2015 10:00AM

 I have lost about 150 pounds so far and have about 165 more to go and I want to make this my year. ... Read More ›

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True Love
by - 08/26/2014 5:31PM

Hi everyone! Some of you know that I just celebrated my 20th anniversary. My wife and I thought long... Read More ›

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Success!!!! (what's next?!?)
by - 01/22/2015 8:49AM

I am VERY proud to say that I have met all of my fitness goals that I set for myself when I "found" ... Read More ›

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Keeping Track!!!!!
by - 03/04/2015 7:57AM

I been on this Lifestyle change for 6 months now and one thing I am grateful for is my written logs.... Read More ›

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Why I love being a game host!
by - 08/17/2014 12:21PM

I discovered DietBets at the beginning of the year and have been playing in games ever since. I also... Read More ›

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Change Behavior to Get RESULTS: What I Will Do Differently This Month
by - 12/05/2014 3:24AM

I did not make my goal for Round 1, but I am *determined* to make my goal for Round 2. In order to g... Read More ›

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Why do I even care?
by - 01/20/2015 8:22PM

The weight wasn't hard to put on! One night out for drinks, another night out for dinner with a girl... Read More ›

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March Monthly Challenge - week 3
by - 03/24/2015 10:39AM

Hello All! Well, we are 3 weeks into March. How's your month going? My goal for the year was to walk... Read More ›

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Not hiding anymore
by - 05/16/2015 2:33PM

I've never really been open about my weight with anyone. Even so far on dietbet I've always hidden m... Read More ›

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This is Why I'm Fat
by - 10/12/2015 4:22PM

I don't know about you, but I often feel like I have to justify why I'm overweight. "I have a medica... Read More ›

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