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05/09/2017 10:49AM
I had a conversation with my nurse practitioner yesterday similar to this. We were talking about the bariatric program and what I had gone through (she had a nursing student with her) I told that I really wondered what I had got myself into at first but now I think it was the best thing I had ever done. I said that I had lost 15 lbs over the 6 months and it seemed like the nurse for the program didn't seem happy (positive numbers ensure funding). My nurse asked me if I was happy with the loss, I told yes I was because I was truly looking for a body reset, blood work numbers are great and that is what I was going for. It was always about my health compared to my weight loss. There were mixed messages during the program but finding what we were after made more sense to me than anything they were telling me. Of course I also told her that because I was working out before starting the program and had to stop working out for the first 12 weeks I felt that it may have slowed my progress somewhat. So we will see when I check in with the program nurse in 2 weeks.

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thank you ladies, i truly believe that if the program had been adjusted to me so that I could have continued to work out i would have done better but it is what it is and I did the program and for that I am grateful.

Biking Syl

If nothing else, you learned what works for you and that your body wants to work out. I'm sure they mean well, but it was not 100 percent perfect for you. But you figured it out and you can move on with your improved plan of attack. Live and learn, I say! Big progress, congrats!

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