"So do you just eat salad?"


11/24/2014 1:22PM
Love this! I was a veggie for maybe a year in high school - but I mostly ate pasta and cheese. Now, I eat meat, but have a MUCH more veggie-filled diet. Go figure. ;)

One of my best friends and former roomies is vegan. We all love to give her crap for it, but what food is more REAL than fruits/veggies/whole grains, right?! There are SO many delicious things you can still eat as a veggie/vegan... I think people tend to forget that because it become so easy to make a 'meat/carb/veggie' dinner.

I went vegan for two month at the beginning of 2013 and was positive the thing I missed most would be cheese. It wasn't by a long shot! My most-missed food item? Egg yolk!

Good luck with the rest of your challenge! I hope you got to discover some new 'go-to' meatless meals! :)

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