My weight loss journey is a lifestyle not a diet. My approach to my diet is a simple approach. I track my food on MFP and I do my best to stay within my calorie budget for the day. I average about 1,500 calories a day, but on weekends I do allow myself up to 1,800 calories if I did okay for the week. 


     I do not eliminate any food groups and I do not force myself to eat salads at every meal. I recognize that because this is a journey and not a quick fix, my approach to eating is to modify the things I eat all ready. I focus more on adding fresh fruits & veggies and more whole grains. If I want to cook something considered high in calories or a less healthy option, I try to add more veggies with the meal so I can eat a smaller portion of the high-calorie entree or I look at it as a splurge meal and account for it into that day. So far, I think this approach has been working for me, as I don't have to give up foods that I love, but I find healthier ways to cook it or scale back and eat more veggies. I think this is easier for me to maintain in the long run.


   Also, I LOVE to cook. I collect cookbooks and I am always cooking new recipes. You know what they say," Never trust a skinny cook." LOL. I find it's even harder for me to lose the weight because of all the cooking & baking I like to do. That being said, I usually do try to cook at least 2-3  low-calorie meals per week, since  I am trying to lose weight. I bought a few healthy cookbooks, one of which being a Comfort Food Makeover cookbook. So far I have found a few keepers! 

    For the most part, I have cut out most of the junk & fast food. I used to go in phases of picking up fast food for lunch everyday, but I cut that out. Luckily, I've never been a big soda drinker, so I don't have to worry about that. What I do have a problem with is coffee. Now coffee by itself isn't such a bad thing, it's what I put in it that makes it bad. I don't like the taste of coffee. I like coffee with sugary creamer. Yep, I have a sweet tooth. I've managed to cut back quite a bit on the amount of creamer I use in my coffee, but I still struggle with it. I've been sick all week, so I haven't wanted to drink any coffee. I've been drinking green tea with honey. I am hoping that since I went a week without coffee that I won't want any come Monday morning, but I know the odds of that are slim to none. I don't usually like the taste of tea, except for when I am sick. 


   How do you approach weight loss? Is it easier for you to cut out all the bad stuff in the begining and then slowly reintroduce those food groups later? I know we all have our own approach to weight loss & I am curious to hear them!