Today I started the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and I feel phenomenal...seriously! I won the program as a weekly token prize from DietBet and just receieved it Saturday. I was excited but also nervous to start. My boyfriend decided to do the workout with me this morning, so that helped. I am absolutely amazed at how great I feel after the workout.

                I woke up this morning cold and tired….I'm not a morning person.  I didn’t think I would have the energy to work-out, but started anyway. We started the work-out and there was no time for rest or water breaks at any point during the work-out. There was a brief warm-up and we went straight into the actual work-out. I loved the structure of the entire workout. It was tough but I was able to complete it without a problem. By the time it was over, I thought, “It’s over all ready? We just started!” Boy, it went by fast!!!

         I have so much energy now after the work-out and I am in such a good mood. Usually Mondays are rough, but not today! I am looking forward to Day 2 of Body Revolution. Will let you all know how Day 2 goes tomorrow.