I have experienced some amazing changes in my life since I joined DietBet in May, 2014. One of the most amazing changes was losing weight & keeping it off (DEFINITELY LOVING THAT!!! LOL!!!), but I've also accomplished some non-scale victories too:

1. I've gained control over my emotional eating habits.

2. I've learned to control my insatiable cravings for peanut butter (LOL)!!!

3. I make conscious decisions when it comes to food, & when I indulge in my favorite foods, I don't have any regrets about the decisions I make.

4. I don't live to eat; I eat to live.

5. I don't beat myself up when I slip & fall. I forgive myself, pick myself up, & continue from that point on. 

6. I dedicate myself to working out daily, & I love participating in various challenges to push myself beyond my limits.

7. I love working out!!! I never thought I'd ever say that!!! LOL!!! When I experience severe lower back pain & can't work out for several days, it bothers me. In the past, it didn't, but it does now!!! I always want to get my workout on!!! :-)

8. I want to do a half marathon, 5K, & more!!! I never thought about it before DietBet!!! I always do the annual 5-mile Walk for Breast Cancer, but now I WANT MORE!!! WOOHOO!!! :-)

9. I really enjoy organizing 4% challenges. I love motivating, inspiring, & encouraging others to achieve their weight loss goals, & we all have a BLAST doing it together too!!! :-)

10. I keep my challenges going so that my DietBetter family members & I can stay together & continue showing love & support for one another while we're on our journey to successful weight loss. WE'RE AN AMAZING TEAM, & we help keep each other accountable for our actions!!! (I'm thankful & grateful to GOD every day for having all of you in my life!!!) :-)

11. I've made amazing friendships that will last my lifetime!!! :-)

12. Most importantly of all: I LOVE THE REBIRTH OF THE NEW ME!!! I couldn't have done any of this without my DietBetter Family!!! WE ROCK!!! :-)