Disturbed by my image in a half marathon photo

Betsy H.

08/11/2015 8:42AM
I totally get this. I kind of feel two ways about it though. 1.) I'm not happy with how I look in photos, in swimsuits, naked... so I am working to change that. I think looking at myself honestly and ackowledging where I am is a very important first step. But then there's... 2.) It's even more important to love oneself and be grateful that we have these amazing bodies to exist in. Many of us are strong, can walk or even jog for a while, we have all these parts that work pretty well and don't hurt too much. So what if we don't look like the airbrushed bodies in magazines? We are still beautiful!So that's where I am, walking the line between self-acceptance/love and moving forward to change for the better. It's hard, very hard.

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Laura C

Thank you for this perspective. Self acceptance is a hard thing. I do need to be more appreciative. BTW you have a beautiful photo, as well as a great outlook on life.

Betsy H.


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