It has been a few months since I wrote one of my Blog Posts. The reason for that is I have been on a Ditebet sabbatical, not because I quit, simply because July – October is my prime time for business craziness. That has come to an end and am looking to start my next one here in short order. So for my friends that think I was a lost cause, no worries, I’m still around. Also I never stopped my journey.

Lately, I have been thinking to myself why it is that I continue doing what I do and was feeling a bit like a failure. However, that sentence does require a bit of context.

I started my journey August of 2014 (though my dietbet journey came a bit later in this past Janurary). Since starting my initial journey I have lost 95 lbs. I look at myself in the mirror everyday knowing how much weight I have lost, but, the image I see does not compute. I get pissed off, sad, upset, down… ok I just do not feel right about what I see.

Every November I participate in Novembeard, i.e. I don’t shave. While I am not one that takes selfies, November I always change that norm and take many. This year my selfie provided the Proof of Concept that I needed to keep me going strong.

So the image that you see is a Before and After selfie of my Dome! Both are Novembeards, both are me, the differences are 1 year and 95 hard fought pounds.

Moral of the story, there is something to the psychology of viewing one’s self in the mirror and at times you need to step out and look from other peoples view. These pictures that Dietbet have us take to verify our weigh-ins may just provide a bit more than verification for them. Maybe just maybe, they provide validation for us too.

You all are awesome, stay strong, stay hydrated, and know that you are precious.

My name is Travis and I love this journey!