I love work, I love what I do. I am a data junkie that spends his time searching for people that are taking advantage of payment methods that are not theirs. I am a Fraud Trend Analyst for Go Daddy. Yes that company that used to run stupid Super Bowl commercials, no those old commercials had nothing to do with what the company actually does. Thankfully, they have corrected their marketing strategies over the years and take on more of a whimsical method of targeting small business with an emphasis on what we actually do.

Now that the shameless non-profit plug for my company is over, why is work on my mind for this topic here on my health journey blog? Glad I asked. I am not sure how many companies do this out there, or if we are just weird, but we have Fire/Emergency drills somewhat frequently. Reminds me a bit of Elementary School days, and that hurts because my school days happened so long ago :)

I used to have that typical herd mentality of follow the crowd to our designated area. and wait However, I thought boy that is stupid. It's not like we take roll or are being watched in these completely time wasting moments. As such I started utilizing this time to bump up my steps. Seriously, why just sit there on the curb or stand around talking with people about the weather?

Here's to hoping that if there is a next time for you all in the corporate world to have an oh so wonderful Fire drill break, that you take the time to walk around or do some step ups on the curb. Break that herd mentality!

My name is Travis, and I am not in the herd anymore!