Well what does one say after taking such a long hiatus from a sure path of good health and support... Seriously it has been quite some time since I last joined in on a Dietbet. I did not want to write a typical I am back post, because, well I feel like I should never have left. 

Many things have happened in my wandering of life since I last joined a game, both postive and negative. However, all things whether interpretted bad or good go into the bowl that stirred together make the potion of improvements and happiness.

One of the things most realized that I receive from this wonderful community is unbiased support and encouragement from people that are wandering down some part of the same path I am on. I love that and I completely missed that raw energy that I received from the many people that I virtually met here. Some of which I stayed in FitBit or other social contact with. 

Did I continue to make the crazy imrovements I did while staying so focused on these little games? nope. Did I totally go back to my former self? nope. I am somewhere in the middle and completely happy with life. However, I have yet to actually hit my ultimate goal that I set upon myself a while back.

So here I am, putting to test the one thing that I had found that kept me honest with myself, my DietBet community. 

My name is Travis and I have missed you guys!