Dietbet #2

Ada G.

12/30/2015 7:40AM
12/30/15 This is what I responded to someone else's blog. "I have never NOT known/been told I was fat. My skinny-minnie parents were parents to a solid baby girl and were horrified as to what it said about them. I was the child sent to birthday parties and told not to eat the cake and ice cream. Oh! But when I was given my meal, I was also told I couldn't leave the table until the plate was empty. It took seeing a childhood photo thru a boyfriend's eyes to see that yes, while I did weigh more than my classmates, I was also a good foot and a half taller and was actually trim for my build. My belly may have been soft but my arms and legs were very muscular. That was my first glimmer of reality. Didn't take hold at that time. I still believed my parents when they said I was going to be diabetic and HUGE just like my father's sisters. And so I became, because that is what I was destined to be, and there were no other options. My switch FINALLY flipped as a mother of 2 solid children (my son could shot put a 10 pound medicine ball across the room at 9 months!), I didn't want to pass on my insecurities, AND being an uncontrolled diabetic for the last 5 years and feeling like CRAP. Something HAD to change if I wanted to be alive and an active parent. I am 42 and I feel like I am starting a new life. By being more selfish about what I need to be healthy, I am being a better wife and mother. An extremely hard lesson to learn!" It was hard for me to put these kind of

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