Dietbet #2

Ada G.

01/13/2016 5:30PM
1/13 So this morning I weighed in at 219.6 pounds, a pound down from yesterday. BUT my outlook in life was way different at 220 than at 219. Why? How does a single pound make that big of a difference? At 220 I was super proud of myself, way to go! and all that. At 219 I can actually see getting to 200 and beyond. At 220 I asked my husband if HE could remember how much I weighed when we got married. Riiight. lol At 219, I ran in to the bedroom where he lay and told him my # in joy and then again in complete tears. I am the fat girl. That is my identity. What am I going to do when I am not the fat girl but the big girl, or even just the girl? Thankfully that emotional train ride didn't last long as I had to get to work. What did occur to me on the ride there: what kind of rewards does 200/199 deserve. I've got $2000 starting to burn a hole in my pocket....

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